Meet Girl Scout Volunteer, Laura Mason


Meet Girl Scout Volunteer, Laura Mason

April 20, 2023

Meet Laura Mason, Girl Scout Mom and volunteer.

She shared with us what being a Girl Scout volunteer means to her.

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Q: What inspired you to volunteer for Girl Scouts?

I was a Girl Scout when I was younger, 2nd through 9th grade. My dad was in the Air Force, and we moved around a lot. The Scouting programs (both girl and boy) were very strong on the military bases we lived on, especially when we lived in Japan during the late 1960's.

Both my parents were involved in Scouts, my mom being a Girl Scouts leader and my dad for Cub Scouts for several years. I had a lot of great experiences. I wanted to give those experiences to my daughters, granddaughters, and other girls.

Q: What is your favorite part about volunteering?

I would have to say my favorite part of volunteering is to watch the girls learning and trying new things and having fun. It makes me feel good when I've had some of the girls from my daughters' old troops put their daughters in Girl Scouts.

Q: What is your favorite Girl Scout memory?

I have a lot of favorite memories about Girl Scouts. One in particular that comes to mind is my oldest daughter's troop was working on their Bronze award (before the journeys were put in place) and had to do a badge related to the project. The girls decided to paint the inside of our Scout house. We did the Ms. Fix It badge (I think). The girls learned to use hammers, saws, screwdrivers, plungers, etc. After the project was completed, we took a trip to Carlsbad, staying in the Carlsbad Girl Scout house for a couple of nights. One of the toilets stopped up. So one of the girls found a plunger and took it upon herself to plunge it and got it working. I was really proud of her. She was listening, learning, and took action.

I see her from time to time now, of course she's a young adult now. I remind her of that, and she just rolls her eyes and grins. 

Q: What would you say to someone who is thinking about volunteering for Girl Scouts?

I would really encourage more people to volunteer. I would tell them it's a very rewarding thing to do. Yes, you have to give a little of yourself, but you will get back so much more.