Meet Girl Scout Volunteer, Iram Rahmatullah


Meet Girl Scout Volunteer, Iram Rahmatullah

April 27, 2023

Meet Troop Leader, Iram Rahmatullah.

She shared with us her Girl Scout experience as a leader of two troops. 

If you are interested in becoming a Girl Scout volunteer, join today.

Q: How do you describe what you do as a Girl Scout volunteer?

I am the troop leader for two troops. I plan and execute all Girl Scout activities including meetings and outdoor events, such as camping.  My ultimate goal is to empower girls in my troops, through development of skills and through growth experiences, to be more confident, reach and extend their personal potential, and to learn to do their best, in the present, and for their future.

Q: What inspired you to volunteer for Girl Scouts?

Growing up, I did not have hte privilege to be a Girl Scout myself.  So for my two daughters, it was important for me that they are Girl Scouts and have opportunities through the program to learn and develop new skills, have new experiences, and make lifelong bonds and memories.  

Q: What is your favorite part of volunteering?

For me, the best part of being a Girl Scout volunteer is the interactions with the girls.  I love how you get to see the Girl Scouts grow from young Daisies to Brownies to Juniors and beyond.  Seeing the Girl Scouts in my troop learning and challenging themselves to do new things is very rewarding. 

Q: What is your favorite Girl Scout memory?

All Girl Scout events are memorable, but for me my most favorite memories are from when the troop goes camping.  Experiencing challenges together, such as ziplining and climbing towers, encourages girls to go beyond and grow to new heights and horizons.  Singing and celebrating together around a campfire reminds the girls of the strength of a community and the importance of positive relationships and peers in their life.

Q: What would you say to someone who is thinking about volunteering for Girl Scouts, but they aren’t sure they “fit the mold” of a Girl Scout volunteer?

Sometimes life gives you a mirror to see your own self better.  Serving Girl Scouts is like that, giving you the ability to not just uplift these girls but also the little girl within your own self.  Also, since we are all connected as humanity, when we serve them, we serve our own selves, too.