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Appendix 7.2: Looking at a Sample Troop Year

Here is just one example of how you and the girls could set up your troopyear.

  • Hold a parent/guardian meeting.
  • Open a checking account.
  • Register all the girls in the troop.
  • Meet together for the first time, allowing the girls to decide how they can learn each others’ names and find out more about each other.
  • Kick off a Leadership Journeywith the opening ceremony recommended in the first sample session, or a trip or special event that fits the theme. Have the girls brainstorm and plan any trip or event.
  • Enjoy the full Journey, including its Take Action project.
  • Along the way, add in related badgeactivitiesthat girls will enjoy and that will give them a well-rounded year.
  • Have the girls plan, budget for, and “earn and learn” in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.
  • Help girls plan a field trip or other travelopportunity.
  • Encourage girls to plan a culminating ceremony for the Journey, including awards presentations, using ideas in the Journey girls’ book and/or adult guide.
  • Pre-register girls for next year.
  • Camp out!
  • Participate in a council event with girls from around your region.
  • Have the girls plan and hold a bridgingceremony for girls continuing on to the next Girl Scout grade level.