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Purse With Purpose: Family Giving Program

Purse with Purpose is the Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains family philanthropy program. This giving program raises funds to pay for the cost of programming so that every girl, whether or not she has the financial means, can participate in Girl Scouts.

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Women use their purses every day to hold any number of items: keys, phones, lipstick and pens. Within our purse we carry money to spend on essential things like, food, clothing and housing—and many of us are fortunate enough to also have money to spend for other things that are important to us.  So, what does your purse have to do with Girl Scouts?
Purse with Purpose is the Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains Family Philanthropy program.  This giving program raises funds to pay for the cost of programming so that every girl, whether or not she has the financial means, can participate.  By participating in Purse with Purpose you are expressing your care for girls in a very specific way: You’re giving them the gift of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.  The Purse with Purpose program is a family partnership – an opportunity to give back and support local girls… including your very own daughter.   

Imagine every girl experiencing the benefits of Girl Scouts.   Your support can make that possible.  Through individual, family and troop giving, funds are used to directly assist girls with membership, program fees, uniforms and books and the delivery of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. 

Every donation makes a difference because it shares the benefits of Girl Scouting with all the girls we serve, including your very own.    Any amount makes a difference and speaks volumes to our girls about how the community supports them.

100% of your donation will go to support girls of the Texas Oklahoma Plains Council.   Your tax-deductible contribution will be used to recruit and train volunteers, to purchase program materials, help fund financial assistance, to hold special events for our girls and to support our area camps. 
Girls will receive a Purse with Purpose participation patch each year for supporting this campaign – no matter the size of the gift.  
Investing in Girl Scouting helps prepare today’s girls to become tomorrow’s leaders who DISCOVER, CONNECT and TAKE ACTION to help our world become a better place.
You know first-hand the value of Girl Scouts and the leadership program that helps your daughter become her best possible self, but did you know?

• The average cost for every girl to participate in the Girl Scouts Leadership Experience is $279.

• Every penny of the $15 annual membership fee goes directly to Girl Scouts– USA to pay for program development and insurance - none of that money stays local.
• Often times, the programs and camping fees that you pay do not cover the actual cost of providing that service.
• For a $10 gift, what you might spend at Starbucks, you could provide a Daisy Girl Scout with her sash or Journeys book.
• With the $45 that you might spend on a new purse, you could provide a Cadette the required uniform and educational materials she needs.
• A $100 donation, the amount most women spend on a new outfit, could provide a Brownie her uniform and a year’s worth of program opportunities
Help us ensure that the same programs that your Scout loves can be available to any girl, anywhere for many years to come. 

Thank you in advance for your support of Girl Scouts.


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