Daisy Board Game Design Challenge 6/17/23 Abilene

Daisy Board Game Design Challenge 6/17/23 Abilene

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Date: Sat Jun 17, 10:30 AM CDT - Sat Jun 17, 12:00 PM CDT
  • STEM
  • Daisies

Daisies! You are invited to your local library to explore and learn about the amazing STEM resources available to you in your community!


The Abilene Public Library presents a board game design day just for you! Dip your toe or jump on into the wild world of Mechanical Engineering! In this hands-on learning opportunity, participants will have the opportunity to earn their Board Game Design badge. In the Board Game Design Challenge, Daisies create board games and learn that people who invent new things are called inventors. Get creative - what kind of game would you design? We can't wait to see!


Badges will be presented to girls at program.


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