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You might be eligible to apply for a Girl Scout scholarship! We know how hard all our girls work to make the world and a better place and we’re so excited to support you in your continued leadership journey!

Girl Scouts of the USA has compiled a list of universities/colleges, foundations, and Girl Scout councils that offer scholarships, awards, and grants to Girl Scouts. This list can be accessed here


State of Texas Gold Award Scholarship:

The State of Texas offers a scholarship to girls who have earned the Gold Award and are graduating high school. Applications are available in late spring and are mailed to each graduating Girl Scout Ambassador who has earned the Gold Award and filed a final report with their Council office. For more information contact 800-582-7272.


Elks National Foundation: 

Elks National Foundation offers a scholarship opportunity through their Most Valuable Student scholarship.


Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Annual Scholarship:

Awarded based on participation and leadership in community and school activities, academic achievement, and financial need. or contact 817-625-5411. 


YSA Grants: 

Through YSA Grants, you can harness the creativity, energy and unique perspective of young people to grow stronger communities, foster student achievement, and build workplace readiness skills.