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Volunteer Spotlight: Vanessa Martin

Vanessa Martin

We are closing out Girl Scout Volunteer Appreciation Week with an interview with Vanessa Martin. Vanessa joined when her daughters joined Girl Scouts, in the 2nd grade and Kindergarten.  She was never a Troop Leader but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been a busy volunteer.  Vanessa helped out her daughters’ troop where she could – transporting the girls, helping out during meetings, providing a snack, etc.  

Due to some extenuating circumstances within the troop leadership, Vanessa was asked to be the Troop Cookie Chair in November of that year, which means that she missed several trainings at that point. This did not deter her.  Vanessa reached out to Service Unit Cookie Chairs and other Troop Cookie Chairs for support.  When her Service Unit’s Cookie Chair was about to “retire”, she tried to recruit Vanessa for the position.  Today, she is the Cookie Chair for two Service Units.  She was quick to add that she partners with two other volunteers to help with this role.  (Remember, in Girl Scouting, you are never alone. 😊)

Vanessa shared several favorite Girl Scout memories:

  • When she chaperoned on a trip to NASA. It was a lot of fun and a special experience to share with her oldest daughter, Morgan.
  • When she sees the salesmanship Morgan and her selling “buddy” Bella display during Cookie Season. They are very successful, oftentimes selling up to 250 boxes during a booth sale!
  • One year her daughters’ troop hosted a garage sale.  A man approached and wanted to haggle on an item. Morgan stood her ground and would not take more than $2 off the item. The man ended up buying the item and he even told her, “You’re really good at this.”

Her daughters’ troop loves pets and animals. They all volunteer at a local animal shelter. The troop always comes up with projects to help the shelter and Vanessa loves that their projects get better with time. “I love watching their minds, hearts, and personalities grow,” she said.