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Silver Award Project - Troop 8240

Silver Award

Abigail and Cheran of Troop 8240 saw a need at Sheppard Elementary School, a military school where students are constantly facing changes in their environment. Students face new schools, new teachers, and new friends every time the family moves. This means that academic gaps occur, and it is noticeable in reading.

The school librarian, Ms. Sherron Williamson, helped students learn to love reading. Abigail and Cheran wanted a safe place where reading could take place and students would feel comfortable.

The Dedicated Book Box and Memorial Bench were the perfect solution to motivate reading and making new friends. The Giving Garden is a community garden that provides exposure to many military families on Sheppard Air Force Base.

Ms. Williamson, the beloved librarian at the school, made a huge impact on making students feel special and taking time to instill the joy of reading.  The Dedicated Book Box will continually provide books for military families, in addition to adding a variety of books for after school hours.

The bench has been dedicated in memory of Ms. Williamson, who passed away due to COVID-19. The bench allows her memory and love of reading to be passed on by providing joy and a safe reading space for students to make new friends each year.