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Make a big difference with your small change


Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains has recently partnered with Flourish Change, an app that lets you help make a difference in a small way--through your spare change. 

In just one month of giving your spare change—the 25 or 50 cents left over when you buy your coffee—you can fully fund a girl’s membership! You’d be surprised at the difference that you can make just by giving your own change, but think of what we can do with a whole army of people deciding to give in this simple way.

It’s easy to get started. Simply download Flourish in your preferred app store (Google Play or Apple Store), choose Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains, link as many debit and credit cards as you’d like, and start automatically giving your spare change whenever you make a purchase. Next, tell your friends and family! Just think of how your impact can begin to multiply when others come alongside you.

Start turning your pocket change into something greater and more impactful. You won’t be sorry you did!