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Need more information? Check out these handy FAQs:

What is the Troop Opportunity Catalog?

The Troop Opportunity Catalog is an online listing of available troops. The catalog makes it easy for new and returning members to find a troop that best fits their needs and makes Girl Scouts accessible to everyone!

How does the Troop Opportunity Catalog work?

As new girls and volunteers are in the process of joining Girl Scouts, they are able to view the Opportunity Catalog to find troops near them. When a new girl or new volunteer selects your toop, you'll get an email notification with their contact information so that you can reach out and welcome them into your troop.

How can a girl join my troop?

First, make sure that you update all of your troop information in your MY GS Member Profile. The desired number of girls that you list for your troop should be greater than the number of active girls on your troop roster. Beginning May 1, 2018, parents who are looking for a troop for their daughters can go to the online Troop Opportunity Catalog and add their daughter to your troop. Once your troop is full, your troop will no longer appear in the catalog. You can also add a girl or an adult through the Add a Member link at the bottom of the Troops tab in your MyGS Member Profile. Troops can choose to be excluded from the Troop Opportunity Catalog if they do not wish to participate by filling out the form on this page.

What information will my listing in the Troop Opportunity Catalog include?

Since girls and volunteers will be looking for opportunities in their areas, it will list the schedule (Meeting Day, Meeting Frequency, and Meeting Start Time) and the approximate location of your troop meetings, as well as your troop number and troop level. If you meet at a person’s house or other private location, you may choose to identify a nearby intersection or landmark. The exact address of your meeting location is never displayed. 

What if I don’t know the new girl who joins? What about new volunteers? Do parents need background checks?

Since the system is location-based, we expect that most parents will enroll their daughter near the area she lives or school that she attends. Because parents will select troops whose meeting dates and times fit their schedules, our hope is that more parents will also choose to volunteer. All volunteers for designated troop roles, with exception of "Troop Family & Friends" will have completed the background screening process. We encourage you to reach out to the new volunteer to discuss his or her role before the first meeting. Please contact a Girl Experience staff member at 1-800-583-7272, press 7, if you have specific concerns. 

Are there troop size requirements?

The minimum default troop size in our system is 12 girls to provide a diverse, enriching experience for the girls. Troop leaders can choose to include more girls in their troop, but this is entirely up to their comfort level and ability to lead the troop size effectively. Depending on the Program Age Level, troops larger than 12 girls may require additional adult volunteers. If your troop is unable to meet the minimum number of girls due to special circumstances, please contact a staff Girl Experience staff member at 800-582-7272, press 7.

How do I request a different troop size?

Opening your troop to additional members is a great way to embody the Girl Scout spirit! If you would like to request a different troop size, please update the Desired Total Number of Girls field by clicking on the View/Edit Troop Information link on the Troops tab of your MyGS Member Profile, or contact a Girl Experience staff member at 1-800-582-7272 and press 7, to discuss the options. If the desired number of girls is less than 12, you will receive a call from a staff member to discuss options. 

What if our troop has inactive girls on our roster?

Call our Girl Experience staff at 1-800-582-7272, press 7, and we can help you get updated in the Troop Opportunity Catalog. 

How long does it take for my troop information to be updated in the catalog?

Meeting Day, Meeting Frequency, and Start Time are updated as soon as you hit "save." The remainder of the troop information is sent to council staff for review, and we then manually update these fields within one week. We may make minor revisions to your information based on our requirements. For example, we have standards for the Meeting Location Name to ensure consistency across all troops. 

What if the new girl doesn’t attend meetings, or her parent never responds to my welcome email?

Please contact a staff Girl Experience Specialist at 800-582-7272, press 7, so we can connect with the member. There may have been a miscommunication, or we may find another troop for the girl so that we can open up that spot in your troop for another girl. 

What if I have an opening mid-year, or I need to make changes to my meeting information?

You can update your Troop Meeting Information at any time through your online MY GS profile, then clicking on the View/Edit Troop Information link on the Troops tab. Please update it whenever you have changes to your meeting location or troop availability. 

What if I have enough girls in my troop but I need more volunteers?

Your troop can be open in the Volunteer Opportunity Catalog without being listed in the Girl Catalog. Each troop has the following associated roles: Troop Leadership Team, Troop First Aid, Troop Training Camping Adult, Cookie Chair, Fall Product Chair, Troop Support Volunteer, Troop Family & Friends. Once the position is filled, it will no longer appear in the catalog. The Troop Helper roles are defaulted to 20 positions so every parent can take a role in helping out. Call a Girl Experience staff member at 800-582-7272, press 7, if you would like to open up a volunteer role or if you have any questions! 

What if I submit my information for the Troop Opportunity Catalog and some of my girls do not renew by September 30th?

If all of your existing members do not renew by September 30th, their spots will be opened up to anyone looking for a troop in your area. For example: if you currently have 9 girls and you open your troop up for a total of 12 girls, but only 8 girls renew for the next membership year, 4 available spots will be listed for your troop starting October 1st. If a girl renews after September 30th, she can still renew into your troop, but there is a possibility that your troop will be above the desired number of girls. 

Who do I contact with questions about the Troop Opportunity Catalog?

For more information on the Opportunity Catalog, please call Customer Care at 800-582-7272, press 7.