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Cookies Now! - Lubbock

Sat Jan 18, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Indiana Avenue Baptist Church Map
Cookies Fall Sale

This opportunity is for girls that want to get a head start on reaching their Cookie Program goal! Each girl will receive a 12 case order of cookies to go out and sell over the first 10 days of the Cookie Program, before troops even receive their initial cookie order!
This is NOT a troop event! This is an individual girl AND her parent/guardian event.

On this day come and help your daughter jump start her cookie business! Come to the Cookies Now! pick up location, park and check in and fill out a Cookies Now! permission agreement. Then get back in your car and enjoy the "drive thru" service we provide as we load your daughter's cookies in your car.

All cookies picked up on this day will be credited to the individual girl for recognitions and Cookie Bucks. Each individual girl that picks up cookies this day will be responsible for selling those 12 cases of cookies. The money for these cookies must be turned in to her troop by the stated deadline.

All cookies picked up on this day must be paid for or exchanged by January 28, 2020.

Every girl that picks up cookies on this day will receive a special Cookies Now! patch.