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Fall Product Program

Everyone knows Girl Scout Cookies are sold in the winter, but did you know Girl Scouts also sell goodies in the fall?

Our Fall Product Program gives troops a chance to earn startup money for the new membership year without having to wait until cookie time in the winter. They can use the funds they earn to enjoy new and exciting opportunities right away!

100% Online Sale

100% Online

This "Family and Friends" sale is conducted 100% online through a secure program.

Girls get to experience running their first online business without having to sort and deliver product! Friends and family place their order, and it ships directly to their home! 

Girls can click the Unify button below to sign up to participate.



5 Skills for Girls

The Fall Product Program helps girls learn and develop skills that last a lifetime - helping them SPEAK UP and LEAD the WAY in the world around them. By participating in the program, girls have the chance to help fund troop activities, community service projects, and even books and uniforms.

The Fall Product Program provides an important ingredient for girl leadership by developing five skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. 


Important Dates

Program starts October 11, 2019.
Program ends November 15, 2019.


New Items

New Fall Product Items

We are excited to announce new nuts and candy products added to our 2019 Nut & Candy/ Magazines/Gift items, as well as new stainless steel tumblers, 200+ college and NEW Tervis tumblers, and NEW Premium Candle jars and Girl Scout series candles. These are in addition to our traditional magazine subscriptions (new and renewals), and our very popular nuts and candies.

For Girls
How to Participate

Girls need to sign up and create an account through our online vendor, QSP. The QSP link is emailed to all registered Girl Scouts, or you can simply access the website here after October 11 and follow the instructions. 

Fall Product Program Video Contest

Jump-start your troop's Fall Product Program with our contest! Get your girls to make a short video ad promoting the fall product program, encouraging family and friends to support the girls by ordering.

Video Submissions - September 10–October 18
Voting Period - October 23-31

We'll have five winners—one each in the Abilene, Amarillo, Fort Worth, Lubbock, and Wichita Falls service areas. 

Videos can be made by an individual Girl Scout or a whole troop. Review the full contest details and submit a video now!

Nutty University

Start the year off right at Nutty University—a high energy event where you’ll learn valuable communication, business, marketing, and goal setting skills. 

  • See how quick and easy it is to kick start your troop’s year with funds earned from the Fall Product Program! 
  • Learn about the world of sales and the role technology plays in people’s shopping choices. 
  • Participate in a 59 Minute Quick Start—use your cell phone to see how many sales you can make to family and friends in just 59 minutes. 
  • Cheer for your sister Girl Scouts and learn from each other as you make calls. 
  • Win door prizes! 
  • Celebrate your success with an Ice Cream Sundae to close out the event. 

Bring a parent, a cell phone, and a friend! Be sure to share your friend’s name when you register for the event.

Cost: $6/Girl Scout (parents and friends FREE).  

Nutty University Dates and Times
10/12/2019 2-4pm Amarillo Area Office 6011 W 45th Ave Amarillo
10/13/2019 2-4pm Science Spectrum 2579 S Loop 289 Lubbock
10/19/2019 9-10:30am Trinity UMC 5800 Southwest Parkway Wichita Falls
10/20/2019 2-4pm First United Methodist Church 202 Butternut St, Abilene, TX 79602 Abilene
10/12/2019 9-11 AM Corporate Office-A&B 4901 Briarhaven Rd Ft Worth
10/12/2019 9-11 AM Corporate Office-Boardroom 4901 Briarhaven Rd Ft Worth
10/12/2019 1-3 PM Corporate Office-A&B 4901 Briarhaven Rd Ft Worth
10/12/2019 1-3 PM Corporate Office-Boardroom 4901 Briarhaven Rd Ft Worth
9-11 AM Corporate Office-Advent Lutheran  3232 S. Cooper St Arlington



9-11 AM Corporate Office-St Laurence Church 519 N Kimball Ave. Southlake

All NEW Fall Proceed Program for Troops! 

When 35% of girls in a troop participate in the 59 Minute Quick Start, they will earn 18% of their troop's total sales. If troops don’t participate in the 59 Minute Quick Start,  they will earn 15% of their troop's total sales. 100% of the proceeds stay within the council to provide programs and services to girls.

New Troop Proceed Plan
For Sellers and Volunteers
How to Participate

Is your troop interested in participating in the Fall Product Program? Here's what you need to do:

  • Troop must be registered for the 2019-2020 year.
  • Troop volunteer must take the online training or an in-person training with their Service Unit on the Fall Product Program.
  • Complete a Troop Fall Product Chair Agreement.
  • If you are the Troop Fall Product Chair, make sure to self-identify on MY GS so the training link for online training can be sent to you.
  • Read the Fall Product Program FAQs for answers to common questions.
  • Hold a parent meeting

New UNIFY Dashboard 

This year service units, volunteers, and girls will all access one easy-to-use site!  To participate, girls will register through the UNIFY website to get in on all the fun! Click on the Unify link below to sign up to participate.

New Nuts , Candy, and More Products
  • Girl Scout Uniform Tin with Mint Treasures 
  • Thin Mint Almonds
  • Double-wick Candle Jars with True Life Fragrances, featuring a collectible Girl Scout ceramic candle with Girl Scout cookie design.
 Returning This Year
  • Fall Product Program vendors QSP and Ashdon Farms are back!
  • 59 Minute Quick Start - Why not try the online sale with a Quick Start phone-a-thon for 59 minutes? This handy video  explains how!
  • Tumblers - Stainless steel tumblers - BPA free, double-walled - sweat free; Tervis tumblers – BPA free, dishwasher/microwave safe, made in the USA
  • Troops can identify and promote their own “Take Action Project”.

 Troop and Girl Dashboard Access!

Girls can customize their own deer mascot on the UNIFY Online Program.  Returning this year, girls can “unlock” more accessories by sending emails, adding photo/images, sending texts and reaching a $100 in online sales. 

Troop Fall Product Chairs can create their own MyPatchCreationTM and earn their own patch with $500 in total online troop sales.  Periodically check in on your girls via the dashboard and encourage them throughout the program!

59 Minute Quick Start

Looking for a great way to kick off the Fall Product Program? Watch this video  to learn how to hold a 59 Minute Quick Start Party at your next meeting!

  • Girls use their cell phones to see how many sales they can make to family and friends in just 59 minutes.
    • Girls log in to the QSP/Nute Online Program and click on the "Text and Share" link to send a text with the payment link to use for their customers.
    • Girls call family and friends for 59 minutes and forward the text link for payment!
  • Girls who participate earn the 59 Minute Quick Start patch!

Visit the 59 Minute Quick Start website for more info.

Download the 59 Minute Quick Start Phone Script and Contact Form.

Hold a Parent Meeting!
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817-735-5327 or

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PDF Forms and Information

No booth sales are allowed.  The decision to participate in the Fall Product Program should be made by the girls and their parents/guardians.