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Fall Product Program

Everyone knows Girl Scout Cookies are sold in the winter, but did you know Girl Scouts also sell goodies in the fall?

October 15 - November 14, 2021

Our Fall Product Program gives troops a chance to earn startup money for the new membership year without having to wait until cookie time in the winter. They can use the funds they earn to enjoy new and exciting opportunities right away!

100% Online Sale

100% Online + Girl Delivery

This "Family and Friends" sale is conducted 100% online through a secure program.

Girls get to experience running their first online business by taking all payments online, but customers will have an option to choose whether they will have product delivery directly to their home or a girl will deliver to their home.  If a customer orders online to have delivered directly to their homes they can order any item available online.  If a customer chooses girl delivery they will have a limited number of items to choose from. Please refer to the FAQ.

Girls can click the M2 button below to sign up to participate.


5 Skills for Girls

The Fall Product Program helps girls learn and develop skills that last a lifetime-teaching them to TRUST YOUR STRENGTHS while you BRAVELY BE YOU! By participating in the program, girls have the chance to help fund troop activities, community service projects, and even books and uniforms.

The Fall Product Program provides an important ingredient for girl leadership by developing five skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. 


Important Dates

Program starts October 15, 2021
Program ends November 14, 2021


New Item

Girl Scout Tin View 1

We are excited about the new Girl Scout tin and our favorite nuts, candies, and magazines available again this year.

For Girls
How to Participate

Girls need to sign up and create an account through our online vendor, M2. M2 link is emailed to all registered Girl Scouts, or you can simply access the website here on October 15 and follow the instructions. 

For Sellers and Volunteers
How to Participate

Is your troop interested in participating in the Fall Product Program? Here's what you need to do:

  • Troop must be registered for the 2021-2022 year.
  • Troop volunteer must attend a Fall Product Chair training. Check the events calendar for scheduled times nearest you.
  • Complete a Troop Fall Product Chair Agreement.
  • If you are the Troop Fall Product Chair, make sure to self-identify on MY GS so the training link for online training can be sent to you.
  • Read the Fall Product Program FAQs for answers to common questions.
  • Hold a parent meeting

New M2 Dashboard 

This year service units, volunteers, and girls will all access one easy-to-use site!  To participate, girls will register through the M2 website to get in on all the fun! Click on the M2 link below to sign up to participate.

 Troop and Girl Dashboard Access!

Girls can customize their own girl avatar on the M2 Online Program.  Girls can “unlock” more accessories by sending emails, adding photo/images, sending texts and reaching a $100 in online sales. 

Troop Fall Product Chairs can create their own personal avatar and earn their own patch with $750 in total online troop sales and sending out the parent/guardian email blast for all girls in the troop. Encourage them throughout the program!

Hold a Parent Meeting!
  • Parents will sign a permission slip when they activate their girl’s link. 
  • Go over important dates and deadlines.
  • Motivate girls to set goals and sell to their full potential.
  • Educate girls and families about the Fall Product Program.
  • Help girls and families understand how to sell safely.

Troop Proceeds
  • It doesn’t matter your participation level, every troop that participates in the Fall Product Program will earn 18% of all revenue in proceeds.
  • Troops with a minimum of 50% participation in the Fall Product Program will receive an extra penny per package for the cookie program. Participation in the Fall Product Program is defined as a girl who sents 18+ emails and has at least one sale.
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Tori Mulvaney

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PDF Forms and Information

No booth sales are allowed.  The decision to participate in the Fall Product Program should be made by the girls and their parents/guardians.