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Fall Product Program

Join us for the 2017 Fall Product Program led by your Girl Power! "Unleash the HERO Inside!" is this year's theme.

The Fall Product Program provides an important ingredient for leadership by helping girls develop five skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.  Through Girl Scouting, girls become leaders in their daily lives and prepare for bright futures!

The Fall Product Program also gives girls and troops the opportunity to earn quick and easy start-up money for their troop.  This family and friends’ sale is conducted both in person, as well as online through a secure program. We are excited to share that we have added new merchandise to our Nut & Candy/ Magazines/Gift Items, including 18 stainless steel tumblers and water bottles and 200+ college and designer tumblers, along with organic veggies.  These are in addition to our traditional magazine subscriptions (new and renewals), photo keepsake items, and our very popular nuts and candies.  No booth sales are allowed.  The decision to participate in the Fall Product Sale should be made by the girls and their parents/guardians.

 For Sellers and Volunteers

Is your troop interested in participating in the Fall Product Program? Here's what you need to do:

 For Girls

  • To participate, girls need to sign up and create an account through our online vendor, QSP. The QSP link is emailed to all registered Girl Scouts, or you can simply click the Super Hero cat after October 27 and follow the instructions: 


 Important Dates

  • October 27: NEW official start date which allows three weekends to sell for the Fall Product Program
  • November 12:  Face-to-face nut and candy sales end; online ordering still available
  • November 29 to December 1:  Nut and candy orders arrive at Service Unit Level
  • December 9:  Online nut and candy sales end
  • December 11: Girls turn in money to Troop Fall Product Chair 

The online sale runs through December 9, allowing extra time for girls to work towards their goals and enhance their financial literacy skills.


Troops earn $1.00 for each nut and candy item sold, and $2.00 for each magazine subscription/gift item. All girls will earn cool patches and cumulative recognitions. Troops that have a combined total of $850.00 in fall product sales will receive an additional $.03 (three cents) per package of cookies sold when they participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Sale. 100% of the proceeds stay within the council to provide programs and services.

 New This Year

Tumblers and Organic Veggies (Online orders ONLY!) Troops will earn $2.00 in proceeds for all online tumbler and organic veggie orders.

  • Tumblers - 18 stainless steel tumblers and water bottles – BPA free, double-walled – sweat free; and, 200+ college and designer tumblers – BPA free, dishwasher/microwave safe, made in the USA
  • Organic Veggies - Eight fun and easy varieties to grow! Non-GMO, made in the USA. They're a perfect troop and girl program tie-in.
  • New Nut & Candy products this year include: Girl Scout Basket Tin with Mint Treasures, and Salt & Pepper Cashew Halves.

Returning This Year

  • Fall Product Program vendors QSP and Ashdon Farms are back! Girls will continue to register for the online sale through the QSP website or click on the Super Hero cat above to get in on all the fun!
  • 59 Minute Quick Start is available! Don't have time for the order-taking sale? Then why not try the online sale with a Quick Start phone-a-thon for 59 minutes!
  • Any Troop Fall Product Chair can earn her MyPatchCreationTM when the troop sells $500 dollars in online sales.
  • QSP dashboard for volunteers - Now even easier to use!
  • Troops can identify and promote their own “Take Action Project”.

 Training Resources

Volunteers will have access to Just in Time (JIT) training for our Fall Product Program, including videos from the vendors! Monthly JIT newsletters are sent out to all Fall Product Chairs in October, November and December. The JIT was very popular during the Cookie Season providing “must know” information in mere minutes! 

 Troop and Girl Dashboard Access!

Girls can customize their own Super Hero cat mascot on the QSP/Nut Online Program.  Again this year, girls can “unlock” more accessories by sending emails, adding photo/images, sending texts and reaching a $100 in online sales. 

Troop Fall Product Chairs can create their own MyPatchCreationTM and earn their own patch with $500 in total online troop sales.  Periodically check in on your girls and encourage them to sell!

 59 Minute Quick Start!

Looking for a great way to kick off the Fall Product Program? Hold a 59 Minute Quick Start Party at your meeting! Girls use their cell phones to see how many sales they can make to family and friends in just 59 Minutes. First, girls login to the QSP/Nut Online Program, then click on the “Text and Share” link to send themselves a text with the payment link to use for their customers.  Next, girls call family and friends for 59 minutes and forward the text link for payment!  Automation of money collection, delivery, proceeds and girl recognitions. Girls who participate earn the 59 Minute Quick Start patch! Visit the 59 Minute Quick Start℠ website.

 Hold a Parent Meeting!

  • Review the Permission Agreement and have parents sign and return
  • Hand out the Order Card
  • Go over important dates and deadlines
  • Motivate girls to set goals and sell to their full potential
  • Educate girls and families about the Fall Product Program
  • Help girls and families understand how to sell safely
  • Consider holding a 59 Minute Quick Start Party at your meeting

 QSP Online Program begins October 27, 2017

Girls and their parents will visit the QSP website for this exciting online program.

  • Magazines & gift items (each item earns the troop $2.00)
  • Girls set goals online and personalize their landing page. They can upload a personal video or add a selfie
  • Girls can invite family and friends via email, text, Twitter or Facebook to support their troop by placing an online order 
  • Girls can print their own “Spread the Word" cards to hand out to potential customers
  • Girls earn patches and recognitions for online sales. Troops earn proceeds for online orders
  • New this year, girls can print door hangers to help increase sales to friends and family that are not at home when they go by to sell to them.
  • As a bonus, girls can earn special patches when they enter 15 and/or 30 or more email addresses inviting family and friends to order online items
Have additional questions?
Area Staff Email Phone
Abilene Debbie Turner 800-582-7272 ext. 1603
Amarillo Marsha Goebel 806-553-3172
Fort Worth Judy Treacy 817-735-5301
Lubbock Christi Baker 806-589-5944
Wichita Falls Linda Gibbons 940-228-4825
Corporate Tori Mulvaney

817-735-5327 or

800-582-7272 ext. 1140

PDF Forms and Information

During the Fall Product Sale and Cookie Sale, troops will be able to accept credit card payment using SAGE Mobile Payments.  Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains will pay for the credit card processing fees for troops using SAGE Mobile for Product Sales; NOT data usage fees for individual phone service.  The cost per mobile payment device is $25.00. 

SAGE Mobile devices are available in each of Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains area retail stores

When you pick up your mobile devices in the retail shop you must turn in your SAGE Participation Agreement. Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains will set up one contact per troop. It will take 5-7 days for SAGE to complete the set up process for troops.

If you are a returning troop and have used the mobile device but need users deleted from your current account, please contact Tori Mulvaney. This change will take 5-7 days.

Once your troop has been approved and the setup has been completed by SAGE you will receive an email from SAGE.  The email will contain a link to the App that will need to be downloaded to your phone to access the credit card processing application.

After you receive the email from SAGE and completed your set up, you will be able to add additional users through the portal for your troop.

Sage Quick Start Guide
Troop Training
Sage Q&A
Sage Mobile ACH Codes