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2018 Summer Camp Guide

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Camping is a great way for girls to explore leadership, build skills, and develop an appreciation for nature. Whether they go for a day, week, or longer, Girl Scout camp gives girls an opportunity to grow, explore, and have fun under the guidance of caring, trained adults. 

For clarification of Council’s facilities, camping practices to include etiquette, safety, and progression, please refer to the Trail Guide.

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Camp Kiwanis

Nestled in a secret canyon approximately five miles northwest of Amarillo in the Texas Panhandle you will find Girl Scout Camp Kiwanis. The 381 acre Camp Kiwanis (originally named Camp Amaryllis) was purchased by Amarillo Council in 1928. Facilities include a dining hall, swimming pool, stone and wooden cabins and hot showers. All cabins are air-conditioned.

Director: Natalie "Speedo" Stephenson, 800-687-4475 ext. 2503 or For even more information, "Like" the Camp Kiwanis Facebook page!  


Stevens Ranch

Records of this awesome property date back to 1842. The historic farm house was built around 1936. A large oak on the west side of the farm house is over 300 years old. The camp specializes in horseback riding, archery, swimming, crafts, and more. Girls will stay in cabins, platform tents, bunkhouses or two person tent units. Girls eat most of their meals in the dining hall, which has soaring ceilings and award-winning camp architecture.

Director: Heidi "Pooky Bear" Vose, 800-582-7272 ext. 1161 or For even more information, “Like" the Stevens Ranch Facebook page


Camp Rio Blanco

Just off the Caprock, east of Crosbyton, Texas, Camp Rio Blanco was established in 1959 and covers 118 acres. Enjoy breathtaking sunsets over the canyon and gorgeous wildflowers along the nature hikes as you explore camp Rio Blanco. Hiking, crafts, archery, drama, puppetry and nature studies are just a few of the program activities campers have to choose from.

For even more information "Like" the Camp Rio Blanco Facebook page.


Camp Boothe Oaks

This gem in Sweetwater is well-loved by Girl Scout locals. The central location of CBO makes is a perfect destination for troops wanting to explore new council campsites. CBO is open annually to provide troop, special event and outdoor education programs for girls. The camp is a much beloved spot on the west Texas horizon where people can be immersed in nature away from the distractions of everyday life. Recently, several units and cabins have been upgraded through a matching grant from Nolan County Foundation and a group of dedicated volunteer workers. The camp includes modern bathhouses with showers and hot water, and a large dining facility.


High Adventure Trips

Ever feel like venturing out and doing something extreme? Something like white water rafting, caving or backpacking? Join us on one of our High Adventure Trips! 

Contact: Natalie "Speedo" Stephenson, 800-687-4475 ext. 2503 or For even more information "Like" the High Adventure Facebook page.


Day/Twilight Camps 

Camps are usually four hours a day for 4 – 5 days with the majority of the time spent outdoors perfect for younger girls who are not ready to stay away from home at night. Girls may learn about sustaining the environment, campfire cooking skills, learning new games or sports, outdoor survival skills, tie-dye art or earning some of the newest badges.


Troop Camping

Troop camping is a great Girl Scout tradition. Take your girls on an adventure that they will remember for the rest of their lives. We have excellent properties for you to explore. Experience the great outdoors and discover a part of nature that you might never have seen before.

Before going into an unknown situation, girls should feel comfortable staying away from home one or two nights (try a sleepover first). The adults helping girls to plan their camping trip must have:

  • special training provided by the Girl Scout council
  • needs to be a registered member of Girl Scouts
  • there must also be an adult who has first-aid training
See our Troop Camping Calendars for camp availability and to reserve a spot!