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Gold Award Girl Scouts

These Gold Award Girl Scouts have positively impacted their communities and the world with their creative, impactful, and sustainable Take Action projects!

Congratulations to our 2020-2021 Gold Award Girl Scouts!

Hailey Adams | Gainesville, TX

Building a Playground at Tabernacle Baptist Church

Realizing there wasn't a designated safe place for children to play outside at Tabernacle Baptist Church, Hailey's project added a fenced-in playground to the church's outdoor area away from the parking lot. By building the playground, Hailey is ensuring that children have a place to play other than the parking lot, which continuously put children in danger of being hurt. 

Marlo Ayala | Haslet, TX

Benefits of Growing Herbs and How to Make an Herb Garden

The root cause for lack of nutritious meals is kids are not exposed to fresh food, and many kids prefer fast food over freshly made food. Marlo's project taught kids how to plant herbs and taught them about the health benefits of making them part of a daily meal. By showing kids that the earth produces everything needed to be healthy, the kids will be inspired to make better choices about their health.

Due to COVID-19, I had to shift my project from in-person at Lions Camp to a digital format. I created presentations to teach children the benefits of utilizing herbs in cooking and cooking videos to showcase how easy it is to do. 

Katherine Beckman | Fort Worth, TX

Arts and Crafts for TOPS Program

Working in partnership with TOPS Soccer Camp, Katherine created arts and crafts for those with disabilities attending the camp to ensure they had a creative outlet during their time at camp. Every day of camp, even with masks and social distancing, campers enjoyed their time learning new hands-on craft activities every day. By creating a binder of successful activities, she has left her mark on the camp for other volunteers to follow her lead. 

Carly Black | Fort Worth, TX

I.M. Terrell Tech Theatre Assistance Project

Carly's issue is that her high school’s theatre department does not have the components needed to effectively function. She selected this project because theatre is her passion, and she wanted to help my developing school as much as possible. This project will not only help the theatre department in the long run, it will also teach a team how to come together and give students life skills on building and creating.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused her to change plans for her Gold Award completely. She originally planned to start a pen pal system with an elementary school in the district. She overcame this obstacle by finding a new project that would be just as beneficial and organizing that plan in a shorter amount of time.

Laura Brambilla | Southlake, TX

Beginner Guide to Developing Girls' Volleyball Skills

Laura realized for girls 6-12, there was a lack of expererienced volleyball coaches, and parents with no volleyball or coaching experience often stepped up to coach the girls. To help parent volunteers, she created a 15-page guide providing parents with a better understanding of the art of coaching volleyball as well as how to manage a team of young girls. By teaching girls, through parent coaches, the proper volleyball foundation skills, the girls will be prepared to play at a higher level.

Makenna Broyles | Colleyville, TX

Alzheimer's and Dementia Patient Memory Book

Makenna's project helps people who have Alzheimer's and/or dementia or other mental diseases that cause impact memory. The memory book will help these patients remember their families and other aspects of their life by having pictures of all these things in one book so they can look at it. They may not remember things about their life but will be reminded of it by looking through the memory book. The memory book can also be used by caregivers as a distraction to calm the patients down when they become agitated.

Katrina Buchanan | Fort Worth, TX

Art for All Ages

At the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine, Katrina saw a need for children to have something to do, for parents to be involved with their children, and adolescents/adults to be creative and learn new skills. She created some tutorial art pages and posted them online. The positive response from parents, children, and other adults was enormous. She knew at that time that the need for a creative outlet and new skill set was great through those first tutorial pages. By allowing parents to draw with their children, it not only teaches both of them life skills in the art area but also furthers their relationship during this hard time. 

Olivia Caban | Fort Worth, TX

Christ's Haven Library and Game Room

Children in foster care are more likely to have more educational struggles. Research shows that students with more books in their homes struggle less in school and read at a higher level. Christ's Haven is a home for the children living there. By building a library with more books it will help to create a more positive experience for the education while at their home, Christ's Haven. In addition, by providing games within the library we can help connect the children further. Playing games as a family can help kids practice essential life skills and teach good sportsmanship.

More than 1,000 books were donated for all reading levels including a great diversity of books for both boys and girls. The books in the library before the project were older, so many newer titles and books were included with fun covers to encourage reading.

Katie Connell | Grapevine, TX

Covering with Love

This project aims to spread love and encouragement to women going through Breast Cancer. Katie made beanies out of yarn to give to these brave women going through treatment to provide for warmth and comfort to their tender heads as they have lost their hair during treatment. After talking to Baylor hospital in Dallas, Katie was referred to an organization called "Passing Hats". This amazing organization passes out hand made beanies to hospitals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Taylor Cornett | Fort Worth, TX

Mission to Literacy

By addressing the uneven spread of reading abilities due to the lack of access, Taylor created Mission to Literacy to provide the opportunity to connect with literature outside of the "normal" environment with open "street libraries".  The goal of the street libraries is for kids to develop a love for books and adults are given another chance to leave the technological world. The books inside the library reach multiple audiences, and all people are encouraged to sit on their favorite planet to read surrounded by fresh air.

Taylor built a library with eight accompanying decorated tire seats. By collecting books for the supply of the library from friends and family, she was able to coordinate with an organization at Central High School to maintain the sustainability aspect of the project for future years.

McKenzie Cutler | Southlake, TX

Improving Educational Materials in an Underprivileged Daycare

Children in some areas in Dallas are living below the poverty line, and are not getting access to educational materials that they need, and many are also experiencing food insecurity. Working in partnership with Heavenly Care Child Development Center, the children of the daycare gained access to so much learning and education that can also allow them to have fun while doing it. Also, they are now able to access their online school work. Most of the families that utilize this daycare do not have any computers or tablets at home, which can make it hard for the kids to complete their schoolwork. But now, they are able to get it done while at daycare.

Cadence Dea | Fort Worth, TX

Haircuts for Humanity

Cadence's project addressed the lack of confidence and drive in the community to get back on their feet. She wanted to create a spark in people's lives and help them feel a new confidence by taking care of hiring requirements which are often overlooked due ot monetary reasons. Her target audience was able to walk away from the free haircut experience with a raised self-confidence and lowered stress levels. The team that helped her achieve these goals was also able to gain knowledge and experience of working on our skills, as well as taking part in an impactful community outreach project. Cadence has created a project as her legacy to leave behind at her school, which will be continued and carried out annually by the future classes of Steele AHS going through the Shears of Steele Cosmetology Academy.

Olivia Decker | Keller, TX

Oral History of Trinity Presbyterian Church

Not many people take the time to reflect on the history of their own community. Many people focus on the major events in history and forget that history is happening all around us. They fail to take the time to talk to elders who know so much and hold a lot of wisdom, and sadly, because of that, history is lost. By talking to elders at Trinity Presbyterian and getting their perspective on the growth of the church,  Olivia was able to put together a history of the church and preserve stories that otherwise may have been lost. She's included template pages for both the physical and digital copies of the oral history so that future stories may be added as the years progress. 

Aliza Didarali | Westlake, TX

Live Safe with Hygiene

Working with Hope Supply Company, Aliza recognized the less fortunate children and families are not able to properly protect themselves from COVID-19 because they cannot afford to get the basic necessities they need. This project helped meet the basic hygiene needs of these families by providing 205 hygiene kits to Hope Supply Company, who then delivers the hygiene kits to their partner organizations, such as shelters. The project had a great impact on the homeless community. The impact was that 205 families were given essential hygiene items that will keep them clean and protected. 

Rae Duggar | Keller, TX

A Garden Growing Awareness and for Lion's Camp

Rae's Gold Award is pursuing an environmentally beneficial garden for those with disabilities at the Texas Lion's camp. She will be reviving the large, currently unattended, garden by planting self-sufficient native plants that will require little care and support the local wildlife and soil. This will be easy on the staff in the future to maintain. To achieve this goal, she will be confiding in the expertise and aid from a certified master gardener. She will also add an educational purpose by creating a video on recycling, since COVID-19 kept her from teaching a class in person. She hopes to teach the virtual campers a very important skill and help them understand why recycling is important. By creating an all-native garden, this helps the local ecology, giving the wildlife familiar foliage. Additionally, native plants require less water and fertilizer since they are in the climate and soil they are meant to be. Lots of water and chemical fertilizers are used to keep non-native plants alive in a region they are not meant to live in. This is wasteful when there are beautiful plants that need less care, and have a multitude of benefits. Not only does the garden itself serve and educational purpose that will last for years (QR Codes), but the video she created will help inspire kids to be passionate about recycling. Every little bit helps, and she hopes to make a change on the environment, no matter how small.

Anne Ermish | Southlake, TX

Cassata Closet Revival

Cassata Catholic High School is an alternative high school with a flexible schedule in Fort Worth, TX. It has a closet for students to take/receive clothing. Recently, the closet has not been utilized to its full potential. Anne made plans to revitalize the closet with new storage and school appropriate clothes for the students. Additionally, she hopes to organize all unused office supplies and furniture in the building, so the closet can be fully utilized.

Laura Greer | Southlake, TX

Social and Etiquette Skills for Success!
for the Students of the Novus Academy

The root cause of social issues among students is many things. Many of the students are on the spectrum. Many have physical health problems that are challenges for them. Some of them just lack life experience of social settings. However, all these groups can be help with lessons and practice. Laura's Gold Award project taught etiquette and social skills to all the students in her school. Her school is filled with different learners who sometimes struggle socially. Using her cookie money to hire a professional teacher to teach etiquette skills to older students in my school, she developed an etiquette lesson for the younger students and taught them valuable skills. For the older students, she organized a prom with a full sit down three-course dinner. Everyone had a great time using the skills they had learned. She had a great time throwing a big party for all of her friends and seeing them use their new skills. After the prom, several parents of students talked to her about how the event had effected their child. One mom, who has a shy child, told me her son not only enjoyed the party but felt much more confidence after the etiquette lesson. Another parent told her she saw better table manners from her kid at home.

Anusha Hansraj | Grapevine, TX

Care Packages for Homeless Individuals

By providing people who are experiencing homelessness with care packages with basic things they need, Anusha helped them to stay safe and healthy so that they can develop skills that they need to become independent and a part of the community. In addition, by posting flyers on social media as well as additional ways to help, she was able to address friends and family in her community to take action on this issue as well. In addition, this project will be sustained because by posting on social media, she was able to reach a lot of people who may have further looked into the issue of homelessness and its different factors therefore being more likely to both help out themselves and advocate to others to help as well.

Olivia Hessock | Abilene, TX

The Tie That Binds

Children in protective services often have been mistreated, neglected, or traumatized. They have been removed from their home and placed in foster care. Soft fleece blankets are a source of comfort for the child who has just been taken from a home that belongs to them. They leave the homes with nothing, so they bond to the blanket. Olivia's project taught kids at her church how to make fleece blankets. Children helping other children was part of her goal. The handmade blankets will be given to Child Protective Services in Abilene. 

Truth Hippman | Kennedale, TX

Caring with Crazy Socks

Caring with Crazy Socks is meant to bring joy to people. Amelia's main target audience is anyone who looks like they need some happiness, such as homeless people, tornado/hurricane victims, and people in the hospital. She showed them that someone is thinking about them and wants them to be happy and comfortable. In her ideal world, there is not so much hate and violence, it is a world where people care about one another no matter where they are in their life.

Katherine Isakson | Grapevine, TX

Travel Size Toiletry Drive

Katherine's Gold Award addressed a variety of issues as she organized a drive for toiletry items for the Trusted World Organization, a charity that provides necessary items for other charities to continue helping those in need. First, she collected travel-sized toiletries as these items will likely reach the hands of those who suffer from homelessness because of how these people can carry personal hygiene items without it weighing them down. Secondly, the donations of her toiletry drive could reach womens' shelters or any other charitable organization in need. She chose Trusted World to donate items to because of their ability to provide the necessary help for so many different injustices in our world today, many of which come down to poverty or unexpected events. The toiletries provided to Trusted World will not only help people in a wide variety of unfortunate situations, but also allow them the basic human dignity of personal hygiene. Additionally, to assure the continued help of my school community to the Trusted World cause, she assembled a binder with directions, tips, and contacts.

Alisha Karim | Euless, TX

Project Checkmate

Alisha's Gold Award project is to connect the children who attend the summer feeding program at City Square to feel more connected with the rest of the group. It can be scary being in a room full of people you have never met before and have a meal with them. By creating sustainable games such as Twister which will be big enough for 8-10 players at a time, bean bag toss, and making toy cars using bottle caps and toothpicks, she is provided opportunities for the children to join together. The toy cars are to teach them how you can make a toy out of daily used items, it will also double as memorabilia. During meal times, a lot of the kids feel ashamed to come because they are afraid to be judged. The games act as a bridge so they don't feel alone. They can be busy playing games and building relationships with other kids while they wait their turn for food.

Abigail Krasinski | Southlake, TX

Carroll Senior High School Fashion/Art Storage Room Reorganization, Redesign, and Redecoration

The fashion and fine art storage room in the art department at Carroll Senior High School was very unorganized. The room is approximately 8.5 feet by 9 feet, however, it appears much smaller due to an inability to see the walls because of how much has accumulated. The inventory in the storage room needed to be organized in order for students and teachers to know what materials are available to them. In reorganizing the room, there needed to be a redesign of how the inventory is stored. And, as it is a storage room in the Art Department, it needed to be decorated in a bright and colorful artistic room, instead of the current drab gray and tan colors it is sporting.

Alysa Lakhani | Lewisville, TX

Tause library - Yasin

Alysa's project will addressed the issue of the lack of a library at the Diamond Jubilee School in Northern Pakistan. She established the first library in the district of Yasin, Pakistan. The library is located at the Taus School and is open to the public. It contains over 2,000 books ranging in various genres. It also contains a check in and check out system as well as comfortable furniture giving individuals a place to rest, converse, and gain knowledge. The library is assisting in solving the issue of lack of quality education as individuals now have access to a wide variety of books and are able to explore several topics that may be of interest to them. The library is also assisting in eliminating isolation in the district of Yasin. Through the books in the library, individuals are able to learn about other cultures, traditions, and values around the world.

Medha Mageswaran | Southlake, TX

Valient Volunteers

Medha’s project addressed new, inexperienced volunteers at the Southlake Public Library. She created quick start guides/manuals for the tasks so that new volunteers can smoothly ease themselves into becoming a library volunteer. They will also be able to become adapted to the library with respect to their skills, autonomy, and time. As a result, the Southlake Public Library will run much smoother.

Rida Makhani | Euless, TX

A Space to be Yourself

Rida's project addresses the issues of how important is to be yourself, be confident, and to surround yourself with positive influences/positive mindset. These attributes then lead to a happier, more fulfilling life. Also, these attributes contribute to having better mental health. Lastly, being confident is a great gift, leading to positivity all around. By creating a mural at Clubhouse for Special Needs, she used chalk paint in the mural, so that the participants can write positive messages every single day, in the middle of the mural, increasing the positive mindset of those around the mural. The mural also serves as a reminder to stay true to yourself.

Sana Nathwani | Euless, TX

Friends Furever

Oftentimes, pets that are placed in shelters come from homes which consist of abusive owners and neglect. It is unfair for the pets to be placed in kennels all day, only to figure out that the person they view from their kennel will walk right past them. This creates a sense of hopelessness within the hearts of these poor innocent creatures. If the local community came together and helped out the shelter by volunteering or donating an item that the shelter needs, it would impact the lives of the animals by a large amount. 

Knowing this information, Sana held a donation drive for the items the shelter needed. After reviewing the items from their wishlist, she created a flyer and distributed it around her community. One of the items from the list was fleece. This was so that the community can create handmade dog toys. Luckily, with the amount of fleece collected, she and her team created around 75 dog toys. Additionally, with the toy donations she received, she was able to create adoption kits that had a toy, a manufacturing coupon, an adoption checklist, and a certificate of adoption. All of these donations have a positive effect on the pets at the shelter because it helps them gain a sense of happiness.

Madilyn Orth | Saginaw, TX

 Sensory Walk

Madilyn created a space for young children at Parkview Elementary, especially kids on the spectrum, to be able to go during the school day and calm down or release extra energy. By creating a space with unique shapes for children on the spectrum to refocus their attention during the day, Madilyn provided a lasting impact at the elementary school. The school principal let her know the students enjoy the sensory walk. 

Riana Pinto | Arlington, TX

Addressing Childhood Homelessness

Riana's project addressed the issue of improving the living conditions of children and families who are experiencing homelessness. She accomplished this goal through renovations to the children’s room and the addition of a library for children of all ages at the Arlington Life Shelter (a shelter for the homeless in Arlington). Through both projects she wanted to create an environment where the children can feel comfortable and at home at the Shelter, while at the same time creating and nurturing an interest in reading by setting up a library and providing books on various topics that can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

Diya Ramhtullah | Euless, TX

Safety Awareness

Through her project, Diya taught children and parents of the community about basic precautions are in emergencies. The children and parents had the chance to learn different ways to stay safe. The children had the opportunity to learn what the first responders do in emergencies for the community. Children learned why it is important to carry a first aid kit with them at all times. The children made a first aid bag which they will be able to carry with them. Lastly, another goal that I have is, to make sure that the children learn who to call in an emergency situation. It is important that the children know their parent's phone number as well as 911. 

Grace Reinders | Colleyville, TX

Reusable Face Masks for Healthcare Workers and Community

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Grace realized there was a shortage of medical equipment. This is important, because healthcare workers need to be protected at all costs from this virus. She made washable masks to send to local hospitals and created posters to help spread important informaiton on precautions that will be necessary during the 2020-2021 school year. She created blog summarizing her project and can be found at this link:

Mia Reul | Fort Worth, TX

Operation Renovation Lake Country Assisted Living

Mia's project was aimed to create an outdoor backyard environment where the residents of Lake Country Assisted Living and their families have easy access to the joys of nature and fun daily activities that will help in keeping the residents happy and active while creating lasting memories. The root cause of the issue was the need to add some fun to the resident's everyday life in order to keep them active. She created a low impact, low stress, and fun activity area for the residents, care takers, and their family members.

Taryn Riddle | Bedford, TX

Official Tackbook Inventory Project

Volunteers and instructors at an equine therapy center must be able to quickly access, as well as check inventory, of education materials and riding tack supplies in a clean organized manner. Since 8th grade, Taryn has used her expertise from years of horse-riding lessons to help care for horses, assist clients and instructors during lessons, and organize tack inventory. Her Gold Award project involved creating two comprehensive inventory books for the horse tack and specialized equipment. She photographed and catalogued each item of horse tack and equipment, working closely with the directors to organize this into an inventory book for ease of use of administrators and new, inexperienced volunteers. This enables instructors to accurately assess inventory from their offices and streamlines the process for new volunteers to find the right tack an equipment without delaying lessons.

Deanna Roberts | Keller, TX

First Aid Scenario

Deanna's interest in the medical field and wanting to help others led her to create the idea to teach a basic first aid class to children with disabilities at a summer camp. Providing these children with skills they may not necessarily know allows them to feel confident and calm when they find themselves needing to use a basic first aid kit. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, she was determined to still teach children with disabilities about the medical field. She created three different videos: one about the components of a first aid kit; another about staying safe in the heat and what precautions to take; and lastly teaching how to clean and take care of wounds. Making these videos allowed for the campers to learn safely through a virtual camp and also the opportunity for the videos to be passed along and reused every year.

Mary Elizabeth Sanders | Southlake, TX

Multifunctional Lap Tray

Mary Elizabeth saw the need for a lightweight, portable, and durable working surface for patients at Cook Children's when they cannot access the bedside tray for homework due to illness. Also, a patient may not want to work and eat off the same tray they use for a clay project as clay is messy and hard to clean up. Her goal was to design, create, and deliver 35 multifunctional lap trays to the Child Life Department at Cook Children's. The design will be kid friendly with rounded edges and easily wiped clean. It will be durable and sealed for longevity. 

Hannah Schafer | Southlake, TX

Ghost Bike Memorial Garden

Hannah creating a garden that shined light on the issue of bicycle safety and gave people a place to grieve the loss of loved ones from bicycle accidents. The garden is dedicated to the memory of Cole Malone, who died in a bicyle accident. Hannah's garden helps remind people of the importance of wearing a helmet and being aware of their surroundings while riding bikes. 

Olivia Sganga | Keller, TX

Providing Essentials to Women Veterans in Domicilaries

Olivia addressed women's veterans that live in domiciliaries around her area through her project. By helping women's veterans in her community through the VA, she was able to create and deliver essential item baskets for new women entering the domicilary. These baskets allow the women to worry less about essentials and more about what their next steps are toward getting out of the domicilary. Olivia also hopes to spread awareness for women veterans through social media seeing as though they might not get as much recognition as the men do.

Gina Sisco | Keller, TX

Center Stage Skills 

Social skills such as public speaking, projection, and annunciation as well as self- confidence. Certain skill classes lack modification for children with disabilities, meaning children with disabilities might not be able to participate, and results in those children lacking important and fun skills learned in these classes. Through my award, I plan to teach modified theatre classes to children with disabilities at summer camp, to teach them social and life skills they may not already have learned, in a fun, stress-free and exciting environment. It is my goal to get these children moving, learning, dancing, projecting, memorizing, public speaking, and enunciating, in a way that is new and fun, with an emphasis on confidence.

Stacie Smith | Amarillo, TX

Extreme Makeover Costume Closet Edition

Stacie's project will redesigned the costume closet at her school which will furthermore resolve the ongoing problem of haphazard searching for costumes/props. The storage shelf built holds the shoes and purses, allowing them more protection extending their lifespans. Through her organization skills, she has provided her high school drama department with an organized space to better store costumes and props for years to come.

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