2019 Gold Award Girl Scouts
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2019 Gold Award Girl Scouts

Congratulations to the 2019 Gold Award Girl Scouts, who have positively impacted their communities and the world with their creative, impactful, and sustainable Take Action projects!

Skyler Adams | Gainesville, TX

Tabernacle Baptist Church Play Area Cleanup

Skyler worked with the Tabernacle Baptist Church to renovate the church’s playground, creating a safe, outdoor play area for the children of the church and surrounding neighborhood. Unused for over 10 years, the church’s playground was completely overgrown with vegetation, making the parking lot the only space children could play. Skyler and a team of volunteers removed the old, broken equipment and dilapidated fence, tore out overgrown vegetation, and applied weed killer. Then they expanded the play area, outlining the space with railroad ties, built a new fence, and prepped the ground with weed barrier fabric and rubber mulch, so another group could install the playground equipment. The church will continue to maintain the outdoor play area to ensure children have a safe, fun place to play.

Janna Campbell | Grand Prairie, TX

Reorganization of Music Library

Janna worked to reorganize her school band’s music library after recognizing the difficulty her band director experienced when trying to find music stacked in no particular order. She created a system for organizing music for over 100 concert songs and close to 100 marching band tunes and put all the song titles into an online organizing website called Charms, giving all the directors the ability to more easily see the pieces they have and don’t have. Band directors will choose new band librarian leadership each new school year to continue to maintain the music library.

Katelyn Campbell | Fort Worth, TX

Operation Sweet Dreams

Katelyn wanted to bring some joy to children in homeless shelters. After realizing that some of her peers didn’t know basic sewing skills, she offered a sewing course and taught 25 youth how to sew a basic pillowcase. Her class sewed over 100 pillowcases that they donated to shelters. The women’s ministry at her church will continue to offer sewing classes to boys and girls.

Katelin Carter | Amarillo, TX

Katelin’s Corner

Katelin constructed a mini library for teens at Arrow Ministries of Amarillo. She collected and organized books and decorated a reading area, providing an inviting space that encourages reading. The residents helped with the organization of the library and will continue to keep it stocked and organized going forward.

Kristin Carter | Amarillo, TX

Peace of Mind

Kristin created an outdoor “serenity area” for teens at Arrow Ministries of Amarillo. She constructed a 4’ x 4’ sitting area with hammocks, providing a comfortable space for residents to relax outside. Teens spend about six month in residence at Arrow’s, and the new sitting area is intended to help new residents feel comfortable with their new living environment.

Zariah Carter | Amarillo, TX

Music Room

Zariah worked with the Arrow Ministries of Amarillo to see what needs the teens have and what she could do to help them. From research with the teens and staff, it was determined that music would really help. Zariah created a mobile music room for the teens. The mobile music room can travel from facility to facility as staff members see fit and as the teen population moves from facility to facility. The mobile music room contains a karaoke machine and other items.

Ainsley Dorsey | Fort Worth, TX

Dancing for Diapers

After learning that low income families in her community did not have reliable access to diapers, wipes, and formula for their children, leading to neglect and child abuse, Ainsley started an awareness campaign to collect donations for the basic paper supplies that are not covered by the food stamp program. She hosted a launch party and set up a display at her dance studio, networked with dance parents and fellow dancers, participated in a local parade, and promoted the project through social media, helping her collect several thousand items that she donated to local food banks to improve the lives of our most vulnerable members of society--babies and children.

Natalie Jaecks | Benbrook, TX

Quilt Donation to Alliance for Children

Natalie worked with Alliance for Children in Fort Worth to raise awareness for and help victims of child abuse and other family trauma. Using material from Lutheran World Relief and other donations of material, she taught a quilting class to school friends and her Girl Scout troop, resulting in 20 quilts that were donated to provide comfort and healing to children who have experienced abuse.

Megan Kaufmann | North Richland Hills, TX

The Reading Initiative

Megan worked with White’s Chapel UMC to implement an adult reading program that provides reading, writing, and English language assistance to refugees/asylees who have been ripped out of their homelands because of religious and political turmoil and find themselves in a new country with little to no bearings and very few people who are willing to take the time to understand them. She set up the program and prepared volunteers to assist adult refugees with improving their inflection, vocabulary, and accents, helping them overcome the language barrier so they can more easily find work and help advocate for themselves and others as they acclimate into the community.

Morgan Kincaid | Arlington, TX

Team Braille Bible

After learning that the Braille Work Center in her community was 190,000 orders behind in creating and shipping Braille Bible books, due to suffering two floods and lacking adequate volunteers, she organized a team of friends, family, and fellow Girl Scouts to help fulfill orders. She and her team of volunteers spent many hours making Braille books in 40 different languages and helping fulfill orders that shipped domestically and internationally to numerous countries, including Bangladesh, Ghana, Russia, Mexico, and India.

Cheyenne Leedy | Amarillo

Baby Warmers

After learning that the NICU at BSA Hospital in Amarillo was low on hats and blankets, Cheyenne created a hat pattern and inspired a group of family and friends to make 80 hats and blankets to distribute to preemie babies in the NCIU.

Meghan Lewis | Fort Worth, TX

For the Love of the Stage

Meghan directed a theatre camp for kids at the Presbyterian Night Shelter in Fort Worth, sharing her love of theatre and helping children who are homeless find an outlet in art that can help them stay motivated at school. She provided the Presbyterian Night Shelter with a program guide, so they can continue to offer theatre camp to their residents for years to come.

Alexis Muro | Grand Prairie, TX

College Awareness

Alexis helped raise awareness for her school district’s AVID program (Advancement Via Individual Determination)--a college readiness program designed to help students develop the skills they need to be successful in college-- by collecting recruitment materials from several universities to share with students at Venus Middle School and expose them to the different colleges they can choose from.

Kimberly Olguin | Arlington, TX

Klothing for Kids

Kimberly worked with Cook Children’s Hospital in Arlington to identify items that could help combat loneliness for children during prolonged stays that could last anywhere from four months to several years. She collected donations of games and coloring books, stuffed animals, and toiletries to distribute to patients and their families.

Diya Panjabi | Southlake, TX

Multicultural Day

Diya started a multicultural fair at Durham Intermediate School to promote diversity and help provide an outlet for students to share and be proud of their cultures and home countries.

Courtney Peterson | Arlington, TX

STEM Leadership Conference for Girls

To combat the underrepresentation of girls in STEM fields, due to lack of support during secondary and post-secondary levels of eduction, and to help support girls at the new STEM Academy of Arlington ISD, Courtney developed and executed a full-day conference and college fair, providing an outlet for girls to develop leadership skills and strategies, network, identify role models and mentors within the STEM fields, and promote college and career conversations. With the help of a leadership committee, she secured guest speakers from UTA, Exxon, Lockheed, DNA Labs International, and the medical community. She also recruited a biology professor at UTA to present a keynote on how to be successful in predominately male careers, offered a networking lunch for girls in the STEM Academy to connect with the professional speakers, and organized a college fair with 14 colleges and the Army. The STEM Academy faculty has plans to offer additional support to girls and hope to expand the conference with the help of the leadership committee that will transition over to new student leaders each year.

Sohpia Polisetty | Grapevine, TX

A New Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Atrium

To help her church extend its Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program and accommodate a larger number of children, Sophia helped set up an Atrium classroom designed to help little children develop their faith through hands on activities. She built four dioramas, created characters for several bible stories, constructed a large map of Israel, made over 20 prayer cards, tracing packets, and posters, and assembled the atrium classroom, which will be a lasting resource for the church congregation to utilize and a great space where many generations of children twill enhance their faith.

Ann Marie Rushing | Plainview, TX


When she learned that the hospital in Lockney was running low on stuffed animals, Anne Marie made and donated bears to help prevent kids being scared in the hospital when their parents can’t go into the operating room with them.

Kiran Sagani | Euless, TX


Kiran worked with the Tarrant County Women’s Center to provide needed items to support women in crisis and help them get back on their feet. She helped raise awareness in the community through two movie nights where donations were collected. She also worked with seniors in the community to make inspirational cards for the women at the Women’s Center and organized a team of friends and family to participate in a fun run to support the center.

Aliya Sayani | Bedford, TX

Building Bridges

Sayani worked with a local domestic violence shelter to hold a family fun day for women and children who have experienced trauma. The event, designed to promote family bonding and confidence building, created a safe space for kids to play, have fun, and bond with their mothers, while giving mothers a place to relax, share their stories, and create deeper bonds with volunteers and ties to the community in which they live.

Hannah VanCamp | Abilene, TX

Summer S.T.E.M. Program

Hannah designed and implemented a summer S.T.E.M. program for kids aged 6-11 at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Abilene to help inspire the next generation of creative thinkers, problem solvers, critical thinkers, and leaders. She wrote curriculum that introduced her students to the intriguing world of S.T.E.M., provided an opportunity for personal growth, and reinforced citizenship in the classroom.

Rebecca Williams | Southlake, TX

Photographing of animals for adoption website

When she learned that high quality photos of dogs and cats shared on pet shelter websites and social media increased the number of adoptions, Rebecca connected the Humane Society of North Texas Puparazzi program with the photography class at her school. She and fellow photography students photograph the dogs and cats entering the shelter for the first time, giving students a unique photography experience and contributing to a high success rate of placing stray and surrendered animals into homes more quickly and efficiently.

Elizabeth Zimmerer | Muenster, TX

Little Free Library

When she learned that children in low income areas do not have good access to books, Elizabeth partnered with family, friends, and community volunteers to construct and install three Little Free Libraries at strategic locations in her community to better serve these populations and improve childhood literacy. She worked with the city council and other city leaders to identify the best locations for the libraries and secured financial support and donations from the public.

Victoria Zimmerer | Muenster, TX

Little Free Library

To promote childhood literacy and provide books to children with little to no access, Victoria constructed and installed three Little Free Libraries with the help of family, friends, and community volunteers. She worked with the city council and other city leaders to generate ideas for library locations. She also registered the libraries with the Little Free Library organization, so they are documented on the world map.