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New Member Checklist

Girl Scouting will be an incredible journey for girls and their family. Below is a helpful checklist for parents and girls who are new to Girl Scouting.  


  1. Register yourself with your daughter.
  2. Volunteer! Serve on the Troop Committee for your daughter’s troop.   
  3. If unable to stay to help at the meetings, please see that your daughter arrives and is picked up on time for all meetings and outings.
  4. Be supportive of your daughter and see that she attends troop meetings regularly and has the Girl Scout books and other materials she may need for troop activities. 
  5. Help her complete any missed activities.
  6. Encourage your daughter to be on her best behavior at all troop activities and notify the troop leader when she is unable to attend.
  7. Attend parents’ meetings, special ceremonies, family activities and encourage your daughter to talk to you about what she is doing and learning.
  8. Set a good example for your daughter by helping the new troop leaders establish and maintain a positive environment.  If an issue arises, please discuss this privately with the troop leader and not in front of the girls.
  9. Encourage your daughter’s participation in the Fall Product and Cookie Sales so her troop can use the proceeds to learn, grow, and have fun!
  10. Consider volunteering to help with troop’s Fall Product Sale or the Cookie Sale Program
  11. Consider making a tax-deductible contribution to support programs for the girls. 


  1. Be a sister to every Girl Scout.
  2. Show respect for others and listen to what they have to say.
  3. Participate in troop meetings and outings.
  4. Check with your troop leader if you miss a meeting so you can complete any missed activities.
  5. Make sure your parents receive important information from your troop leader.
  6. Always conduct yourself in a safe manner, respecting the Girl Scout Promise and Law.
  7. Have FUN!