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GSTOP Fun Patches

Add to your vest or sash with GSTOP Fun Patches. Simply complete the fun patch requirements and you can stop by any GSTOP retail shop to purchase your fun patch.

All GSTOP fun patches may be added to Girl Scout sashes and vests following patch placement guidelines.

2022 GSTOP Adventure Out Challenge

Take the 2022 GSTOP Adventure Out Challenge June 1-30 to show your love of the outdoors.

  1. Review the new list of activities here.
  2. Complete at least 45 activities to earn the 2022 patch.
  3. Make a plan to complete the activities with your troop or family.
  4. Share along the way! Ask an adult to post photos or videos on our Outdoors Facebook group or to a personal Facebook profile and tag @girlscoutstop. Use #AdventureOutGSTOP on all of your social media posts.
  5. Have an adult complete this form by July 29 to get your 2022 patch. 

Reading Diva Patch.FINAL

Reading Diva Patch

Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Girl Scouts can earn their Reading Diva Patch.

  • Daisy's must read 4 books and tell one story to family member(s), troop leader, or friend.
  • Brownies must read 6 books and tell 2 different stories to family member(s), troop leader or friend.
  • Juniors must read 8 books, tell a story, and create a story and share both with a family member(s), troop members, or a group of friends.

All three levels must visit a public library and learn the process to get a library card and learn how to check a book out. 

Exploring Fort Worth Patch.FINAL

Exploring Fort Worth Fun Patch

This patch program was created in May, 2021, by Caroline W. & Sophia K. in Troop 3390 for their Bronze Award project.

Download the requirements and get to know Fort Worth to earn your Exploring Fort Worth Fun Patch.


Selfie Stop Fun Patch

Any time you see a GSTOP Selfie Stop sign, stop and snap a selfie. Post the picture to GSTOP Outdoor Facebook Group and use #GSTOPSelfie.

Have fun and follow Safety Activity Check Points, as needed, for your activity.


Native American Heritage Month - November

Earn the Native American Heritage patch by completing the challenges for Native American Heritage month by learning about the native Americans in your state. 

Learn more about earning the patch.

Weather Fun Patches

The Polar Bear Patch: earn when a troop camps when temperatures are at or below 32 degrees. 

The Sizzler Patch: earn when a troop camps when temperatures are at or above 100 degrees.

The Ducky Patch: earn when a troop camps in the rain.

  • Polar Bear
  • Sizzler
  • Ducky