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The Trailguide 9.5: Camp Reservation Procedures

Use of Council Camp Facilities

Troop Camping Applications are available at GS-TOP offices or at www.gs-top.org/forms.                                       

For one night use -- Any unit can be reserved for one night, provided your troop adheres to the “arrive-by 8 p.m., leave-by 3 p.m.” rule.  If your troop wants to arrive sooner, you must reserve the unit for 2 nights and let the registrar know your arrival time.

Campsites may be reserved by troops only if accompanied by an adult who has completed the approved adult outdoor skills course and First Aid (or the equivalent).


Camping Placement Procedures

How to register

  • Applications for camping between the dates of August 15 – December 15 are accepted on or after August 15th. Applications for camping between the dates of December 16 – May 15 are accepted on or after December 15. Forms may be mailed, emailed, faxed or taken to the appropriate area office. If applications are taken to one of the Service Centers, there will be a delay before they are received at the appropriate area office.
  • Applications are not accepted by phone. Applications must be filled out completely and include payment for the first unit choice listed and any requested extras.
  • Incomplete applications will be returned and must be resubmitted before a troop is placed.
  • Camp placement is on a first-come, first-served basis after the draw held on August 15 and

December 15.

  • Submission of a Troop Camping Application indicates that your troop agrees to adhere to all GSUSA and GS-TOP policies and standards as noted in Volunteer Essentials.
  •  The adults with the troop also agree to take responsibility for the facilities and equipment used and ensure that they are returned in as good or better condition than they were found. All necessary reports should be completed and turned in after the event according to established procedures.
  • ·        Troops may apply for as many troop camp placements as they like. Each Troop Camping Application must include the appropriate fee payment. 


Buddy Camping

We can make better use of GS-TOP facilities by sharing a camp unit. Buddy troops can cooperate, practice teamwork, plan together, learn from each other, have fun and make new friends at camp. The benefit is both troops may submit an application for troop camping placement which increases your chances of getting placed.

Patches:   A patch is available for Buddy Camping and is available for purchase in the Girl Scout Shops.

Buddy Camp patch requirements:

  • Share a unit with another troop.
  • Have at least one planning meeting together prior to the camping trip.
  • Create patrols for kapers, cooking and fire building that include members from both troops.
  • Plan and cook at least one meal together.
  • Plan at least one activity to do together while at camp.
  • Plan and carry out a Girl Scouts’ Own ceremony while troop camping.
  • Work on a bridging ceremony together.



  • Camp use fees for Girl Scout troops and groups are purposely kept at a nominal level so all GS-TOP Girl Scouts may afford to go camping.  (See Troop Camping Application for each camp fee.)
  • Payment may be made by check, money order, credit card or cash.  Please submit the amount equal to your troop’s first choice unit and any requested extras.  If your troop has a balance due after placement, the confirmation letter will reflect the amount due.
  • Any payments due to Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains, Inc. must be paid at least 10 business days prior to the date of troop camping. 
  • Program equipment reservation fees and all other fees are due when submitting the Program Activity and Equipment Reservation form available at any Girl Scout area office or on the GS-TOP website.



Troops will receive a confirmation letter within two weeks of placement. Site Use Guidelines will be included in the confirmation mailing along with any payment due from the troop. Please do not call the area office to ask about placement, as it slows the placement process.


Waiting List

In order to be placed on the waiting list for troop camping, a troop must submit a Troop Camping Application with the appropriate fee payment.  You will be notified by mail if your troop can be placed.



To cancel, please call the appropriate area office.

  • If a troop cancels at least 7 days prior to their camping date, the troop will receive a refund minus a 20% cancellation fee.
  •  If a troop cancels with less than 7 days notice no refund will be given.
  • If a troop is a “no show” without canceling, the troop will forfeit the full fee paid.
  • If the National Weather Service issues a warning for the part of the Council jurisdiction where a troop is camping, a troop may cancel at the last minute without penalty. To be eligible for a refund, the troop must actually cancel by contacting the area office or the Site Manager/Camp Ranger. 
  • You may also cancel your camping reservation at the last minute without penalty in the case of “extreme weather.”  Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains considers extreme weather to be hazardous driving conditions. Low temperatures, high wind or rain do not necessarily constitute “extreme weather.”
  • If a troop wishes to delay arrival, the Site Manager/Camp Ranger must be notified 48 hours prior to date of troop camp.  No refunds are made for delayed arrival.
  • If a weather-warning cancellation occurs, the full fee is refundable. No troop camping fees will be transferred.  Troops must submit payment and the Troop Camping Application for another date. No priority placement is given to weather-warning cancellations. 
  • If GS-TOP cancels your reservation, a full refund will be made.  Reasons for canceling include, but are not limited to, severe weather or construction/maintenance at a particular site or activity area.


Reserving Swimming Pools, Canoes, and Other Equipment

A list of the unit equipment provided is contained in the camp reservation confirmation letter packet.


Swimming Pool

During the month of September, the swimming pools at Camp Kiwanis and Stevens Ranch are available for use by troops camping on site. Troops must provide a registered lifeguard who is a Girl Scout. A copy of his/her certification will need to be submitted with the Troop Camping Application and Program Activity and Equipment Reservation form in order to reserve the pool along with the full fee payment. (See requirements below.) Each troop is responsible for providing watchers to meet Safety Activity Checkpoints standards. Two lifeguards need to be provided for groups of 26 to 50. The swimming schedule needs to be given to the Registrar in the Fort Worth or Amarillo office two weeks prior to swimming to inform the Site Manager for the camp.

The lifeguard is in charge of the pool.  Troops must bring their own first aid kit and designated Troop First Aid adult to the pool.  If the lifeguard has to attend to an injury, all patrons must leave the pool while treatment is given.  A troop First Aid adult can attend to minor bumps and scrapes and not reduce time spent in the pool because the lifeguard had to leave the post.

If the pool is closed due to weather conditions, troops will receive a full refund. However, if a troop fails to give at least 14 day’s notice of cancellation of pool use, there is no refund.


Other Available Equipment

Reservations must be made at least 14 days in advance for use of the following equipment by completing the Program Equipment Reservation form.

  • Primitive camping equipment is stored at various locations and is available to troops with qualified adults.
  • Archery equipment can be reserved and used by troops if an adult has received and met certification/ training requirements.
  • Reservations for use of available sports equipment do not hold safety or training requirements.


Required Personnel and Certifications

See Safety Activity Checkpoints and GS-TOP Policies for First Aid, Canoes and Archery Range certification specifications.  You can find these training course descriptions in GS-TOP Adult Learning course descriptions. Names of adult in charge, name and certification information of adult meeting requirements and payment for use of equipment must be in the Girl Scout area office before leaving for camp. The Site Manager/Camp Ranger will provide keys to certified personnel only.

Keep in mind that all Safety Activity Checkpoints requirements for swimming pool watchers must be met by the troop to supplement pool use requirements.