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The Trailguide 9.2: Camp Etiquette and Safety

General Rules for Outdoor Activities

  • Use your walking feet at all times.
  • Wear socks and shoes at all times.
  • Wear t-shirts, no sleeveless shirts.
  • Remember to bring your sunscreen and insect repellent.
  • Wear a hat at all times during the day.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in sleeping areas.
  • Do not climb or play on the banisters or walls.
  • Stay on trails.
  • Be careful and courteous when crossing the swinging bridge or other crossings.
  • No gum is allowed at camp – it’s not good for the wildlife, furniture, or the bottom of shoes.
  • Please don’t litter and pick up any litter you find.
  • Flowers and plants are to look at, not to pick.
  • Always have a buddy wherever you go.
  •  Remember, a Girl Scout leaves a place cleaner than she found it.

Basic Fire Emergency Procedures – For All Properties

The signal for an emergency will be a car horn, siren, or bell.

A short, continuous signal will indicate a fire emergency.

  • Discuss fire safety, prevention and emergencies at troop meetings before going camping.
  • Check with the Site Manager/Camp Ranger before planning meals to see if there is a fire ban because of dry conditions or high winds. This information will let you know whether you can cook on an open fire or must use propane stoves.
  • Have practice fire drills at camp. Make certain that each girl and adult knows what to do.
  • When you arrive at your site, look around. Depending on the path of the fire, could you evacuate your girls safely?
  • Make sure you can account for every girl and adult in your troop.
  • Girls and adults need shoes and socks on, a towel over their heads, a jacket or long-sleeved blouse, if possible. If time allows, wet towels.
  • Send runners to other units, notifying the leaders of the fire and its location.
  • Contact the Site Manager/Camp Ranger. If he cannot be contacted, dial 911.
  • When help arrives, follow instructions carefully.
  • The best and most efficient way to fight a fire is to never let one get out of control.

Never let it be said that through carelessness, we were responsible for the loss of wildlife, acreage, facilities, and above all, people’s lives.


Lost Camper Procedures - For All Properties

  • Determine the last whereabouts of the missing person(s).
  • Send a runner to notify the Site Manager/Camp Ranger. Or call.
  • Begin a search for the “lost.” Always use the buddy system. Check bathrooms, pool areas, creek bottoms, empty buildings. Search carefully and completely.
  • Remember other girls. Don’t let others get lost or hurt while concentrating on the missing. Always assign one adult to take charge of remaining girls. Keeping everyone calm is an important part of a successful search.
  • If they cannot be located by these search procedures, the Site Manager/Camp Ranger will call 911.
  • Write down a complete description of the person(s) including what they were wearing.
  • Follow the instructions of the person in charge.