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Chapter 6.1: Emergency Plan for Girl Scout Groups

“BE PREPARED,” the Girl Scout motto, is the key to handling emergencies if they arise. Whenever an outing with your group is planned, be sure to take with you:

• Signed parent permission forms which include where parents can be reached in case of emergency

• Phone number for troop’s emergency contact

• Telephone numbers for local police, fire department, and ambulance service and/or where available, call 911

• Directions to the nearest hospital or medical facility

• Girl Scout insurance forms and Accident/Incident Report forms

• The wallet-size “Emergency Plan for Girl Scout Groups”

Remember to check Safety Activity Checkpoints for suggestions concerning the specific activity planned.

Procedures to follow in the event of a serious accident, emergency, or fatality

The person in charge at the scene needs to:

• Give priority attention to providing all possible care for the injured. Do not move victim unless it is necessary for safety reasons.

• Secure ambulance, doctor, police and others as appropriate.

• While help is being summoned, take care of injuries requiring immediate first aid.

• Notify troop’s emergency contact who will notify all parents.

• In the event of a fatality, always notify police. Retain a responsible adult at the scene of the accident or emergency. See that no disturbance of victim or surroundings is permitted until police have assumed authority.

• Call the local Service Unit Manager to report a minor emergency or occurrence and to secure additional assistance.

• Call the council’s emergency phone number only to report a very serious accident, emergency, occurrence or fatality, and to secure additional assistance.


Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains Emergency Cell Phone: 682-551-0281 

DO NOT MAKE ANY STATEMENTS to media representatives. Assure them that they will get current information by calling the council.

Do not sign any statements or accident reports except by request from:

• A police officer

• Personal insurance company or attorney

• Girl Scout insurance company or attorney