Chapter 6.0: Policies Permissions and Insurance

Activity Accident Insurance and Reports

Activity Accident Insurance for Group Activities

All girls and adults who are registered members of Girl Scouts of the USA are covered by the Basic Girl Scout Activity Plan for all approved Girl Scout activities except for overnights of more than two nights.

This insurance is designed to help meet the costs of medical care for accidents occurring during the normal supervised activities of the Girl Scout program. It should not diminish the need for family health insurance or replace the benefits available under a family medical plan. Girl Scout insurance pays the first $130 of covered expenses. Any subsequent bills for the same accident will be payable by this coverage only for an expense which is not compensable under another insurance policy or service contract or not covered under a contract with a health maintenance organization, preferred provider organization or prepaid health care program.

Optional Plans are available for purchase through the Council. Council policy requires the purchase of this additional coverage for a troop trip of more than two nights.

The coverage includes:

  • Accident insurance for non-member participants (except tagalongs) in any approved Girl Scout activity OR for accident only coverage of member participants for a troop trip of more than two nights – Plan 2: $0.11/day/person. This plan is recommended to cover non-members attending troop activities or Service Unit, regional or Council events.
  • Accident and illness coverage for members/non-members (except tagalongs) – Plan 3E: $0.29/per day/person. This plan is recommended for a trip of more than two nights OR if your troop will be far enough away from home that a parent cannot be called to meet you at the doctor’s office or hospital in an emergency.

See the Activity Accident Insurance brochure in the Troop Registration packet, or request one from your local council office, for additional details on coverage.

If you have questions about coverage, or if you need to purchase Optional Plan insurance, call any council office.

Troop Insurance Packet

Each troop is provided with current information on the insurance coverage and forms for filing insurance claims. A new leader receives the insurance packet in the New Member Orientation Packet. In the packet are follow-up information pieces to give to the parent of the injured girl or to the injured adult, in case an insurance claim is filed. This will help them to work with the council office to expedite the claim.

Additional insurance forms are available at any council office. 

Accident/Incident Report

The Accident/Incident Report form is a Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains, Inc. risk management tool used to report any accident/incident, whether it is physical, mental or emotional in nature. The intent of this form is to document circumstances, witnesses and any actions in situations that result in or nearly result in injury or danger to individuals or are potentially harmful to girl and adult members. This form is not intended to establish blame; it is for reporting facts. This form may be submitted by any adult associated with GS-TOP. All Accident/ Incident Reports should be submitted to the designated staff person responsible for the activity where the accident or incident occurred. Staff members will take appropriate action. Accident/ Incident Report forms are available at any council office.

Certificate of Insurance

Some sites or vendors may require your troop to provide a Certificate of Insurance (Liability) from the council. If required, call Steve Wasson, Controller, at 800-852-7272 .

Click here for some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Insurance.