Invite a Friend

October 30, 2014


This November, we have fun gifts for you and your friend!

GS-TOP Invite a Friend Promo

Invite a Friend Promotion:  11/1 - 12/1

Just follow these EASY steps:

1. Invite a friend to start a new Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie, or Junior troop.

2. Ask your friend to complete a membership and volunteer application.

3. Tell us you recruited someone at girlscouts.org/inviteafriend to qualify for fun prizes for you and your friend.

Invite a Friend Promo - you get $50 for each friend that starts a troop!


Offer ends 12/1/14! 

Dates to Remember:

11/1:             Promotion begins
11/30:        Promotion ends
12/1:            Last day for recruiters to submit new leader information
12/15:         Last day for new troop to be registered with at least 2 adults and 5 girls
2/28:          Gift codes expire 

Check out more info here.  

If you need council and area support, please contact our GS-TOP  "Invite a Friend" lead, Darlene McMurray at 800.583.7272 ext. 1601

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