Invite a Friend FAQs

We want every girl to be so excited about her future that she can hardly wait.
That feeling starts with you! 

Check out our Invite-a-Friend FAQs below:



Dates to Remember:

11/1:             Promotion begins
11/30:        Promotion ends
12/1:            Last day for recruiters to submit new leader information
12/15:         Last day for new troop to be registered with at least 2 adults and 5 girls
2/28:          Gift codes expire 

Who is eligible to recruit new volunteers?
All currently registered adult volunteers; you do NOT have to be a current Troop Leader or Co-Leader to recruit.  Service Unit Managers, Cookie Managers, Facilitators, Task Group members and other volunteer roles are eligible to recruit new volunteers and receive the rewards.  Help us spread our mission!

What are the grade levels required for the new troops?
New troops must be NEW K – 5th grade troops.

Who is eligible for recruitment?
Enthusiastic adults who would be an excellent Girl Scout role model.  Reach out to your faith community, school volunteers or staff, family and friends – and sell them on the huge impact they could have on girls in the community and the wonderful experiences they will have as a Girl Scout troop leader.

What will I receive for recruiting a new leader?
$50 gift code redeemable for anything at the GSUSA National Online Shop.  Plus the knowledge that you are helping girls who just can’t wait to be a Girl Scout!

What does the new troop leader receive?
The person you successfully recruit to lead a new troop will receive an email to order their new Volunteer Resource Pack (a Girl’s Guide, a Journey set of their choice, a badge pack, a tote, and Girl Scout pins!)

Will both the 01’s and 02’s in new troops receive the Volunteer Resource Pack?
Unfortunately, no.  Only ONE Volunteer Resource Pack will be given to each new troop.

How do I submit information once I’ve recruited someone?
Please click HERE to visit girlscouts.org/inviteafriend

Be sure to have the following information for the new volunteer you have recruited: Name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and resource pack preference (include the grade level and Journey chosen for the new troop).  Recruiters MUST submit this information NO LATER than Dec. 1 to be eligible.

How many new volunteers can I recruit?
You will receive a gift code for up to $100 for (2) new volunteers. Although you will not receive another $50 for any additional recruits after two, more are always welcome!

When will this offer end?
Dec. 1st is the last day for recruiters to submit new volunteer information using the website above.
Dec. 15th is the last day for the new troop to get registered with at least 2 adults and 5 girls.

When will we receive the gift codes and program materials?
Gift codes will be sent out on a weekly basis via email to the recruiting volunteer. Program materials will begin shipping in early January from the GSUSA national shop directly to the new Troop Leader.

How do I use my $50 gift code?
Visit the GSUSA national shop at this website address:

To use your promotional $50 gift code, enter the code given at check out.  The entire $50 gift code must be used at once.  Gift codes will expire on February 28th, so be sure to purchase your Girl Scout gear before then!

If a parent is already a registered volunteer, will they be eligible for the offer if they become a Troop Leader (01)?
Yes, if they complete the volunteer application process and start a NEW K-5 troop.

Current volunteers that serve as a Co-Leader (02), are they eligible to upgrade to a Troop Leader (01) and receive the new materials?
Yes, if they start their own NEW K-5 troop.

Can former Troop Leaders return through this offer?
Troop Leaders who were not registered in the 2013/2014 year may be recruited and receive the program materials.

Will the volunteer approval process have to be completed for me to get my $50 gift code?
Yes, the steps for the volunteer application, background check, and registration for membership must be completed by December 1, 2014.

Can the gift code be redeemed in my local Service Center Shop?
Unfortunately, no, these gift codes are redeemable only at the GSUSA Online Store.

Who is paying for this promotion?
GSUSA is underwriting the costs of this program and we are playing a big role in helping to get the word out.

Additoinal Questions?
Please contact Darlene McMurray at 817-735-5336 or 800-582-7272, ext. 1601