C.A.R.E. Event -Wichita Falls

The C.A.R.E. event is to recognize our many volunteers for the wonderfull leadership roles they provide for the Girl Scouts.  Come and help us celebrate!  This event will be held during lunch at the Fall Kick-Off.  There is no cost but registration is required.

Annual Fall Kick-Off - Wichita Falls

Troop leaders, volunteers & parents are invited to attend our Annual Fall Kick-Off.  This will be the time to come and see the exciting new activities and information for the upcoming year.  Vendors will be there to show you what they can offer Girl Scout troops. There is no fee for this adult event but registration is required.

Cabin Camping - Graham

Participants will learn fire building safety, menu & activity planning, proper care of equipment, knots and the basic concept of Leave No Trace.  All participants must have taken Outdoor 101.

How to make Journeys fun

Having trouble with Journeys?   Do your girls complain they are boring, no fun, too much like school?  Learn how to make Journeys fun, hand on, girl led and exciting.  This is a training offered as part of Super Saturday of Training.  You can come and take one class or stay for the day.

Girl Led - less work for the leader

Don't have enough hours in the day?   Let the girls in your troop lighten your load.  Come and learn ways to empower girls to take on the leadership of their troop.  Find ways to let girls do activities their way.  This class is a part of Super Saturday of Training.  You can come and take just one class or stay all day.

Girl Scout Games

This course is open to adults and Girl Scouts who have completed PA or VIT training.

Come and learn games you can do with girls at troop meetings, service unit events, camp outs, etc.  This class is part of Super Saturday of Training.  You can come and take one class or stay for a day full of training.

Girl Scout Songs

This session is open to adults and girls who have completed their PA or VIT Training. 

Come and learn songs you can take back to your troop or service unit.   This is part of Saturday Super Day of Training.  You can attend one class or make it a full day of training.

Leadership Essentials/Journeys

This class gives you the tools to successfully lead girls on the Girl scout Leadership Experience.  Learn how to use Journey Books and incorporate other resources to provide the best possible experience for your girls.  All leaders are encouraged to attend Leadership Essentials/Journeys to help them do Girl Scout program, especially Journeys with their troops.  New Leaders should take this course within 3 months of beginning their troop.  This class allows you to explore the "how" of Girl Scout programming.  You will do hands on activities from a Journey for your troop's age group.  You get

Blended Learning First Aid/CPR

This class is an opportunity to complete First Aid & CPR without spending all day in the classroom.  It combines online leaning with face to face sessions.  You will gain the same knowledge and skills as in the traditional class.  This is a great interactive learning experience that accommodates individual learning styles and allows you to learn at your own pace.  Once the online session is completed you will attend a face to face session. 

Outdoor 101

This course is part of Super Saturday - a day of all kinds of trainings.  If you are attending classes earlier in the day, feel free to bring a brown bag lunch to eat during this training. 

After this prerequisite course for all outdoor classes, you will be able to identify the 8 Basic Outdoor Skills for example:

                 Outdoor Manners (Leave No Trace)- Leave natural objects like flowers, rocks, shells, whet they are found.

                Dressing for the Outdoors - how to dress in layer; personal gear.


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