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Fall Sale FAQ

Troop Fall Product Chair

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the sale dates?

  • November 1 – 15.  Girls take orders for nut and candy and send emails to family and friends for nut promise orders.
  • November 1 - December 15. Girls send emails to family and friends for magazine orders.


Will product be available for the beginning of the sale?

No. Girls will take orders November 1-15. Product will be delivered to Service Units December 4-6.


Can a troop take orders?

Yes.  Orders are due to the Service Unit Fall Product Chair no later than November 17.  


What is the benefit to the troop?

Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains Fall Product Sale is an opportunity for Girl Scout troops to earn money to finance activities and other expenses.  Troops will earn $1.00 for each nut and candy item sold.  Troops earn $2.00 for each magazine subscription. The remaining proceeds from this sale will stay in GS-TOP to support programs and services for each of the more than 24,000 girls we serve.


What is the benefit for the girl?

Participation allows girls to gain experience in: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills and Business Ethics and earn funds to support the troop and the Girl Scout council, as well as earning recognitions for herself.


Who may sell?

All Girl Scouts registered in the current membership year beginning on October 1, 2013 with a parent/guardian signed Permission Agreement may participate in the sale. Girls/Troops with Outstanding Balances from previous year’s sales may not participate!  See area product sales staff if they have not provided you with a list of Outstanding Balances.


To Whom May Girls Sell?

The Fall Product Sale is a “Family and Friends” sale. Booth sales are not permitted! Girls may offer products to friends, immediate neighbors, family members and other close acquaintances.  There may not be any booth sales, advertising or promotion of this sale.


Why is the Fall Product Sale so short?

This is a fast sale by design.  Due to the United Way Campaign and the holiday schedule, we have a limited time frame to hold the Fall Product Sale.   It is critical for troops to adhere to the dates set by the council.


When will we get our products?

Fall Products will be delivered to Service Units December 4-6.


When is money collected? 

Money is collected from customers upon delivery of the productsMONEY IS NOT COLLECTED BEFORE PRODUCTS ARE DELIVERED.


Are checks accepted?

Yes. Checks should be made payable to Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains (or GS-TOP). All checks should have customer's driver's license number and phone number. Remind troops NO parent checks over $80.00 should be accepted.


When is final troop money due?

Fort Worth council proceeds must to be deposited into the Council Product Sales Bank Account no later than December 18.   Abilene, Amarillo, Lubbock and Wichita Falls Areas will have the council portion ACH’d from their troop account on December 20.  Please remind troops to keep troop proceeds for outstanding balances from girl/parent.


Do troops use troop proceeds to pay Council for an Outstanding Balance due from parents?

NO!  Turn in an Outstanding Balance Report to the council with receipt(s) and the signed parent Permission Agreement.  Outstanding Balance Reports are available from your area product sales staff or download from council website.


Can troops withhold troop proceeds out of the nut and candy/magazine money even if a parent hasn’t paid?

YES!  Troops should withhold the entire troop proceeds right off the top of funds collected!


What money can be deposited in troop accounts?

Troops will keep their profits from the sale and deposit into their troop account.  Troops will deduct troop profits from the magazine sale from the money owed to the council.


When do girls and troops receive their recognitions?

Recognitions should be available for distribution at the January Service Unit Meeting. Troops or individuals with outstanding balances must not receive recognitions until balance is paid in full, recognitions cannot be guaranteed if payment is made after January 15, 2014.


What do I do if someone has Fall Product Sale questions or comments that I cannot answer?

Call your Service Unit Fall Product Chair.  If you still have questions or do not receive a response from your Service Unit Fall Product Chair, then contact the product sales staff in your area.  


Nut Promise Orders


Can our family and friends order product online?

Girls can take “nut promise” orders online.  Girls will still have to deliver the product and collect money at the time of delivery.


Can products be returned?

No.  Product cannot be returned.


What do I do if products are delivered damaged or melted?

Contact your Service Unit Fall Product Chair. 


What if a parent does not pick up their product?

All products should be picked up on initial delivery day.  If a parent misses their appointment, call and remind them of their appointment time.  If the parent chooses not to pick up, redistribute product to other girls as needed.



QSP/GAO Online Magazine


Does it cost more to renew or purchase a magazine from QSP?

No.  The magazine selections offered through QSP are the regular subscription rates, plus many special offers. 


My magazine doesn’t come up for renewal for six months.  Can I renew now?

Yes. A magazine can be renewed at any time.  If you renew now, you will extend the subscription for the period of your order, usually one year.


What if I don’t like the magazine I purchased, or have a problem?

Customer satisfaction is supported by a money-back guarantee from QSP.  In the rare event of a problem, call QSP/Great American Opportunity (GAO) at their toll-free number 1-800-678-2673.