I Can't Wait to See These Daisies Grow!

Troop 7208 - Leader Amanda shares her #icantwaitto story

August 19, 2014

Troop 7208

Abilene Troop 7208 formed in September of 2013.  Eight talented, energetic, and motivated girls, plus two brand new troop leaders set off on an amazing journey!  The girls quickly formed a bond that has only gotten stronger, as we worked through our first year.  We began our Girl Scout adventure with the Daisy Flower Garden, “It’s Your World – Change It!” Journey.  We learned the Girl Scout Promise and began earning Daisy petals representing different parts of the Girl Scout Law.  The year began promising, but who knew how much better it would get! 

As we approached our fall sale, the girls jumped in with both feet, set personal goals, and sold an amazing amount of product!  This just began their business savvy, because after the new year, we moved into cookie sales.  With cookie sales approaching, we discussed and then the girls voted on how they would like to spend their earnings from the cookie sales.  Together, we decided we would set two troop goals:  1 fun goal and 1 charitable goal.  The girls voted for a party at the Gymnastics Sports Center as their fun goal, but what made me (as their leader) the most proud, was their decision to buy medical supplies through World Vision to be distributed to sick children in Africa!  Little did they know through this gesture, they were already exhibiting traits found in the Girl Scout Law.  They were being Friendly, Helpful, Considerate, Caring, Respecting Themselves and Others, and Making the World a better place!  Throughout the cookie sale, the girls worked hard to achieve their personal goals selling cookies on their own, as well as during 1-2 booth sales per weekend, to reach their troop goals.  Yet again, the girls exceeded all of their own expectations, when they raised almost $2000 in Project Troop-to-Troop donations alone.  At the end of the sale, all of the girls had met their personal goals and they earned enough to meet and surpass their troop goals too!  With sales complete, we set a date for their party and are currently working the details for their donation to World Vision, but these amazing girls were not done yet!

With spring upon us, the girls continued to work hard on completing petal patches for their Daisy on their vest.  They also earned their Safety Badge and 2 out of 3 patches from their Journey Patch Set.  We began to approach the end of our journey requiring the girls to decide what they would like to do as a Take Action Project to better our community.  We did some research and found a group called Connecting Caring Communities.  This group “exists to build meaningful relationships that foster safe, caring, whole communities,” which goes right along with many parts of the Girl Scout Law.  We were put in contact with Janet, the Community Coordinator for the Valley View Neighborhood.  Janet also resides in the neighborhood and is the sole caretaker of the community vegetable garden.  This community garden was the perfect setting for our Take Action Project.  We set to work planning and finding out the needs of the garden.  Over the course of several weeks, we helped Janet weed the garden, paint a planter box, plant over 40 tomato plants and herbs, hang a mason bee house to aid in pollination, and construct a raised flower bed with a neighborhood sign, which the girls then filled with flowers.  Best of all, we were able to donate not only our time and hard work, but also ALL of the construction materials and plants.  The girls worked hard at raising funds through their fall product and cookies sales, which made the sky the limit to what they could do for their community Take Action Project.  They learned so much and had a blast getting their hands in the dirt and making the world a better place! 

As the Troop Leader for Troop 7208, I have watched these girls set lofty goals and exceed them, through their personal dedication and hard work.  I would truly be remiss if I did not mention our parents.  The parents of our troop have been pivotal to the success of the girls and the troop as a whole. They have been overflowing with support for the girls and all we set out to do.  I cannot say thank you enough to my Assistant Leader, the parents, and the especially the girls of our Troop.  I am not only proud of all the girls accomplished for their first year in the Girl Scouts, but I am even more proud of the Girl Scouts they have become.  As their proud Troop leader, I can't wait to…see what this next year will hold for us as we continue to grow as a troop and family!

- Amanda Brennan
Troop Leader, Troop 7208

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