Service Unit Teams – What it is and what it does

June 5, 2014

Most Girl Scout councils divide up areas geographically into service units (SU) comprised of girl members, adult volunteers, and troops in that area.  And the team of adults that make BIG things happen in within these service units – the massive campouts, the logistical feat that is the Cookie Season, training and support for leaders, and much more – is of course, the Service Unit Team.

Made of many roles, the SU Team ensures the delivery of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to our girls and that volunteers are supported in delivering the Girl Scout program throughout the year.  Is your girl aging out and you still want to be part of Girl Scouts?  Join a SU Team!  You could impart your Girl Scout wisdom as a Coach, apply your stellar organizational and leadership skills as a Manager, or make sure that the cents make sense as Treasurer (har-har).

Interested?  Contact your Service Unit Manager to find the best role for you.  Not already a Girl Scout volunteer?  Contact your local Girl Scout area office and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Service Unit retreats are coming up at the end of summer (see super-cute graphic below).  Be sure to attend, the event includes training in your SU position and enrichment workshops.  See you there!