My horse’s name was Sugar...

Letters from Camp

June 10, 2014

Dear Mom and Dad,

One of my counselors sounds just like you mommy, I think she is my favorite now. She does so many things like you, she makes sure I drink water all the time, and that I have my hat on.  She has me try food to see if I like it and she even helps me to remember to pick up my things and leave a place better than I found it.   After breakfast we got to go to crafts I made a dream catcher, I get to bring it home with me. Then I got to ride a horse.  At first it was scary, the horses are so tall but they are soft and they have pretty eyes.  I got to brush the horse and I helped put the saddle on, it has to be tight so I don’t fall off. And they helped me get on the horse, I felt so tall, they said the horse was strong and would take care of me, my horse’s name was Sugar.   I promise to take care of it and it would be a good for me to be outside getting exercise, plus I found out today I can have a career with horses. I am not sure what that is but I just know it is fun.  I like the part where if I work really hard I can earn medals too.  I love medals.  And I love horses, they are not scary anymore.

Daddy, can I have a horse?