More Than S’mores

June 4, 2014

Did you know, Girl Scouts has a research institute?  We do and they just put out some really cool info:

Being outside and doing outdoor Girl Scout activities is really, really good for our girls smiley.

And you may be thinking, well, yeah of course.  We hear all the time from parents and volunteers about how much our girls grow and learn through outdoor activities like hiking, day camp, or high adventure trips.

But now, it’s official: Girl Scouts and the great outdoors is more than s’mores.  The study found that participating more often in casual outdoor activities – like playing outdoors, walking outdoors, and going on outdoor field trips – gave girls an edge in problem solving and also supported challenge seeking behaviors for Juniors especially.  Awesome-ness!  Check out the full study here

Get your girl outdoors this summer at Twilight Camp – outdoor, multi-day experiences held in the evening where girls can do everything from exploring the jobs of women in the Wild Wild West to trying out Native American food, folk art and dances at Camp Little White Dove.  Your girl will get to have a great Girl Scout camp experience – but go home every night and share all the exciting things she got to do with you.