It's All Greek to Me

Take a journey back in time to live like the Greeks! You'll explore Greek life through astronomy, express yourself through music, drama and art, and perfect your mastery of craftsmanship while building a catapult. Have a Greek feast and play games like the Olympians did.  By the time you leave camp, it will all be Greek to you!

Amazing Race

You’ve seen the show, now the Amazing Race comes to Stevens Ranch! Each day teams will try and outsmart each other with clues and compete in adventure challenges such as canoeing, tubing, horseback riding, and hiking to special places in camp. Don’t worry, between road blocks and races against time you will still get to relax and it will be amazing.

Note: Those who have attended Amazing Race in the past are not allowed to re-register.

Create Your Own Camp

Experience it all! Create your own special experiences at camp by choosing the activities that interest you the most! You will still enjoy swimming lessons, cookouts, songs, hikes and all-camp activities. Make choices for the rest of the day to lead you down the path to achieve a badge or Girl Scout Journey. Focus your activities on craft projects, jewelry-making, nature exploration, mountain biking, dance, archery, acting, and more! Activity choices will vary with each session to go along with the weekly theme. 

Prim and Proper

Western riding isn’t the only thing you can learn at Stevens Ranch.  Spend a week learning the beginning skills of English riding including: proper position, balance, walk, trot, and maybe even canter, or experience 18 inch cross ties while maintaining harmony with your horse. The outfit isn’t the only cool thing about English riding.  Come see for yourself. 

Note: Prim and Proper in not a step in the Horse Program Progression offered at Stevens Ranch.

Horse Fan

Horse Fan girls will have horsewomanship lessons daily (weather permitting). Learn how to saddle a horse, basic horse nutrition, basic horse first aid and expand your horsewomanship and riding skills to include a sitting trot. You will also have the opportunity to work on CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) Level 1A skills. 

Note: To register for Horse Fan you must have completed Horses, Horses, Horses and Horse Fan is a pre-requisite for Let’s Ride!

Mine Craft Camp Edition #1

Ever wonder how to survive in a pixelated world? At Stevens Ranch we live in survival mode. You will harvest items by "punching trees" in our camp environment to gather tools to play the game. You will be using teamwork and skills to create a wonderful world and put your ideas into action.

Soaring Among the Stars

Explore the night sky and learn all about stars! You will stargaze, play night games, and even sleep out under the stars (weather permitting)! During the day you will get to try all of the other fun activities camp has to offer.

Can you Rough it?

Prim is in! This session is in the primitive unit and is recommended only for experienced campers. First time campers might want to try another session first. Learn about primitive camping, lashing, eco-activities, and outdoor gourmet cooking: stick cooking, buddy burners, reflector ovens, Dutch ovens and more. Get ready for roughing it made fun!

Note: This session housed in Blue Ridge, primitive site

A Star is Born

To camp or not to camp – that’s an easy question! If you love expressing yourself, being in the spotlight or behind the scenes, and jumping into imaginary worlds, the answer is yes! You’ll learn all about telling your story through drama, poetry, music, and dance, and have the chance to shine at the talent show. You’ll also have the chance to experience other fun camp activities.

Snap, Scrap and Click

Capture Stevens Ranch through the lens of your camera. Snap your own photos on a snap shot scavenger hunt with your digital camera and make memories by taking pictures for yourself and camp. Learn basic digital techniques, basic scrapbooking, and how to use scrapbooking tools to embellish beautiful pages.


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