Camp Top Chef

Let’s get cooking! Help in the camp kitchen and be a part of a cook’s parade! Ingredients: a handful of girls, tasty treats, and enthusiastic instructors. Directions: bring all the ingredients together and blend with different ways to serve your creations. Cooking time: allow one week. Serves: the whole camp.

Pony Express

Do you want to learn all about horses? Never ridden before? This session is perfect for you.  Learn basic care, safety, build confidence and have a riding lesson in the covered arena and a trail ride. Come join in the fun and learn about proper western-style riding and safety around horses. Play some games with the horses and be a part of the Pony Express. Completion of this session is not a pre-requisite to the CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) horse-focused sessions we offer at Stevens Ranch.

Mischief Managed

Do you wish your school days were full of magic and adventure? Lucky you – you must have some felix felicitus lying around! Hogwarts is bringing summer school to Stevens Ranch! Enjoy a sampling of the classes you’d take at England’s finest school of magic – brew up tasty potions, learn how to “charm” your friends, and compete in a Quidditch game or two!

Little Camp on the Prairie

Do you ever wonder what it would have been like to live like the Pioneers? You will learn to churn your own butter, milk a cow, and how to live like they did in times past. You’ll get to live in the Farm House and even earn the Farm House patch.  Don’t worry - you’ll still get to enjoy a few modern day camp activities, too, including a field trip to Chisholm Trail Museum.

Horse Play

We’re not horsin’ around! Fourth and fifth graders spend a week getting to know horses while learning basic horse skills. Play horse games with the ponies and even get to paint them.

Note: Completion of this session is not a pre-requisite to the CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) horse-focused sessions we offer at Stevens Ranch. 


On Wednesday We Wear Pink

You will have a chance to look into the mirror and have your inner beauty shine through by helping with a service project, while learning about yourself. You will also learn some self defense, enjoy your spa treatment, and create a fashion statement for the fashion show. This session will tickle you pink, tiaras included!

Midnight Madness

Do you like to stay up late and then sleep late in the morning?   Choose this session!  There will be  a moonlight swim, exploring the nightlife at camp, stargazing and raiding the kitchen one night for a midnight snack.  You will have time for horseback riding and other activities.

Mad Scientist

Are you curious about chemical reactions, things that fly or blow up?  Ever wondered how or why all of this happens?  Let's experiment and find out!  Time will be allowed for swimming, riding horses and such!

Let's Get Physical

Don’t let yourself become a couch potato.  Come to camp and get active!  There will be swimming, horseback riding, climbing the rock wall, zipping down the zipline, tennis and maybe a little Zumba.  Come join the fun!


Have you seen the movie Wall-E?  Ever dream of creating your own robot?  Join us for this week of electric fun where you'll build a robot and discover the science behind moving machines, gears and motors!    We'll include swimming, horseback riding, and a cookout.


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